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Black History Month in Bakersfield

Posted at 10:15 PM, Feb 01, 2024
  • The Bakersfield Black History Month Parade is happening on February 24, at 21st and V Streets at 10 a.m.

“While we’re celebrating the past and it has its place, I think not getting so stuck in nostalgia and becoming museums for the days of old but creating new exhibits for today."

Jovon Dangerfield is a local community activist and for him this month is a time to show the next generation how they can make a difference while honoring those before them.

“We’re always thinking we're doing something new, everybody wants to think they’re the first to do this.. but there’s already been a foundation laid.. a lot of great things that have come about thanks to the great work of people like dee spade. Micheal Bowers… Patrick Jackson," he said.

Dangerfield believes this month serves as an important opportunity for the youth to jump-start their education on important issues and the culture surrounding them.

Local businessman and leader Nick Hill says this is especially important for Bakersfield.

“Educate yourself about the history, and know how important it is and how important you are to Bakersfield,” Hill said.

Hill said in nearly two decade. he’s seen changes for the better in Bakersfield including economic growth and inclusion within the community.. celebrating all cultures, but he believes there’s still room to improve especially when it comes to growing education rates for African Americans.

“Because the narrative we have right now is that African American students are last on the totem pole," Hill said.

Hill said events like the black history month parade open opportunities for more black-owned businesses and community groups to showcase their achievements and pride in the community.. and he’d like to see it continue to grow.

For Dangerfield, he’s excited to see this month not only be a time to celebrate the African American community — but also introduce it to other cultures and strengthen our community as a whole..

“Bakersfield black numbers are already small. You can afford to be a minority of a minority so unity is required to move the culture forward," Dangerfield said."

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