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"Gives me something good to do." How Bike Bakersfield's E-Bike rental program impacted a local man's routine

Posted at 5:36 AM, Jun 18, 2024

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — Bike Bakersfield's E-Bike rental program gave Phil Moore access to a new form of transportation: an electric bike. It's opened doors for him to get around town and to customize his new ride.

  • Phil Moore tells 23ABC's Grace Laverriere Bike Bakersfield's electric bike rental program has not only given him a new form of transportation, but it's also a passion project.
  • Bike Bakersfield has a bike rental program available to community members. Phil Moore first got his e-bike in October, and if he meets all of the rental program requirements, the bike will become his after one year.


As part of Bike Bakersfield's "Loan to Own" Program, an electric bike will soon be one local man's full time ride. 23ABC's Grace Laverriere caught up with Phillip Moore to learn how the first few months of the program have been going.

“Lots of modifications. This thing’s 100% not stock,” Moore said.

Moore first got his electric bike in October, and since then, he’s made it his own through modifications and upgrades.

“[There's a ] fishing rod holder," Moore points out. "now it’s a 14 to 40 so I can climb hills. It's still not easy, but I can climb hills.”

Phil tells me his bike is his main form of transportation, and he averages around 100 miles per week. The electric bike can go up to 20 mph, Phil says, which makes his trips to the grocery store and laundromat much more efficient.

As part of Bike Bakersfield’s loan-to-own program, once Phil meets certain requirements, he will own the bike. The requirements? Attend group rides, attend safety courses, hit a certain mileage quota and volunteer in the shop.

“He’s kind of like our star pupil,” Andrew with Bike Bakersfield said.

He tells me Phil has embraced the program, and he’s always looking to learn.

“He is always coming into the shop, always asking what he can do to better his road experience or how he can volunteer and help out,” Andrew said. "It's been a big improvement for his overall, like, situation with work and life."

Phil says he enjoys being part of group rides that Bike Bakersfield hosts, and he even had the chance to ride on the Centennial Corridor before it opened to automobile traffic. As his one-year loan is set to expire in October, he says he's looking forward to owning the bike. In the meantime, he's excited to keep riding.

“I love the biking community in Bakersfield," Moore said. "Keeps me busy, keeps me out of trouble…gives me something good to do.”

More information on Bike Bakersfield's bike rental program can be found on their website. Information on group rides is posted on their social media pages, including Facebook and Instagram.

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