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HEARTWARMING - Local Organizations work together to give families their ideal Thanksgiving Dinner

The Brundage Swap meet and Love from Above partnered together to create a Thanksgiving pop-up event, handing out free thanksgiving dinners as well.
Posted at 8:42 PM, Nov 18, 2023
  • Video shows the efforts from Love from Above, the Brundage Swap Meet, and local businesses as they come together to create a Thanksgiving pop-up.
  • Bringing in local resources, youth led resources, showcasing local businesses, and holding a turkey donation drive for families in need.

The Brundage Swap meet parking lot where local activists are spreading the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Along with supporting local business, one organization is giving back to the community by giving out Thanksgiving dinners to families in need.

“To the families that are like in need don’t necessarily — can’t necessarily afford a thanksgiving meal so our goal is to feed as many families of possible,” said Founder of Growth and Healing Inc. Aretha Lanegan.

Lanegan says she comes from a low income background and felt she had the opportunity to give back to people who are struggling.

Families could expect either a turkey or a chicken along with various sides like green beans and corn. With a long line of families waiting, Lanegan says their goal was to try and feed as many families as possible.

“A lot of people are in need and a lot of people don’t have you know food or the money, the necessities to even you know provide for their families so this is definitely needed so the more we can help people the better it is,” said Lanegan. “The more events we can have like this the better.”

The Thanksgiving pop-up festival was created in partnership with the organization Love From Above and the Brundage swap meet. Providing resources to the community, founder Shameka Robinson says they’ve been holding events like this for around 3 years.

“We had the H and H march in September, that’s also a community event,” said Robinson. “We have events every — once a month we’ll have events — community events, we have a Christmas one coming up next month.”

Robinson says adding the idea of a Thanksgiving giveaway was a no brainer since she believes giving back to people in need can only build the community up.

“We want to make sure that everyone is fed. everyone is you know able to feed their families so you know thats what we do,” said Robinson. “The Love from Above community we you know we bring resources out so whatever these resources have to give to the people, our job is to bring the people.”

One of those resources being youth focused. Executive Director for Time4Change Jovon Dangerfield says along with holding raffles and creating more business for the swap meet, the goal is to show the public that it doesn’t take big corporations to make a change in the city.

“This is our city and if normal people don’t come up and do amazing things and take care of our city and take care of each other who will?,” said Dangerfield. “There’s us and theres many more like us all over the city this holiday saying its time to care, the world is getting darker but we’re getting lighter.”

Sharing nothing but community outreach and support, Robinson says she hopes all attendees were able to leave with something that will benefit them this holiday season.

“Leave with something,” said Robinson. “Leave with something, either it’s something as a giveaway or if they bought something or the raffle, leave with something that they’ll be able to remember what we’re doing for the community.”

Event organizers say they are incredibly pleased with the turnout of Saturday’s event and are thankful knowing they were able to provide families a thanksgiving dinner. With Love from Above planning future events — visit their Facebook page for more information.

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