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How to prevent Heat Exhaustion or a Heat Stroke during the summer

Posted at 11:52 AM, Jul 05, 2024

BAKERSFIELD, Calif (KERO) — Heat Illness or Heat Exhaustion is known as a spectrum of disorders due to increased body temperature. Working outside during the day makes you more susceptible to this condition.

  • Heat exhaustion can develop to a heatstroke quickly over a few minutes or gradually over several hours if left unattended.
  • This condition can happen to anybody whether working inside or outside a office.
  • Helpful tips on how to prevent heat illness and what to do if exposed to the illness.

I'm Eric J Dockery, your Bakersfield neighborhood reporter summer is here and its important to keep yourself cool. Heat illness can affect you whether you're inside or out.

This condition is known as a spectrum of disorders due to increased body temperature. Wherever you work, it's important to stay hydrated during the day.

"Summer is definitely here and especially those outdoor workers are incredibly vulnerable especially with this heat wave happening. First thing they can look at whether they can start work earlier. Starting before the heat really begins instead of later in the day. In conjunction with that that people are staying hydrated, they should always have water available to them." said Colleen Cunanan

Heat exhaustion is the first stage of heat illness, if left unattended you can enter a heat stroke which will require medical attention.

Annette Casarez said "With heat exhaustion your basically sweating a lot, your sweating profusely. With heat stroke you ultimately stop sweating. So with heat stroke your systems are going to be more visible to another person because your either passed out or your skin is very red you stop sweating."

Heat exhaustion or heat illness can happen to anybody, but outdoor workers are more susceptible.

If you are spending time in the heat either indoors or outdoors, be mindful of these symptoms dizziness, sudden weakness, or feeling thirsty. For 23ABC I'm Eric J Dockery your Bakersfield neighborhood reporter.

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