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Kern County Department of Human Services brings the benefits to you with an RV

Posted at 2:43 PM, May 23, 2024

BAKERSFIELD CALIF, (KERO) — Kern County Department of Human Services purchases a new ride to bring the benefits to your community.

  • Purchased with grant money that was received from the Federal Department of USDA Food and Nutritional Services.
  • Can service 4-6 patients at a time inside the RV.
  • Briniging CalFresh Food, Health, and Cash Benefits to you and your community.


May is CalFresh awareness month and Kern County Department of Human Services is showing off their new investment. Im Eric J. Dockery your Bakersfield neighborhood reporter. This R-V will service all of Kern County with cash... food and health benefits.

Kern County D-H-S received a grant from the Federal Department of USDA Food and Nutritional Services to purchase this rolling benefits bus.
The numbers are based on the CalFresh population... and Kern County was one of five recipients of this grant in the nation.

Cindy Yutz the Chief Deputy Director says there goal is "To reach the outline areas of our community, particularly the idea during COVID when it was really difficult for the customers to come into our buildings. Some of the buildings were even closed because of the order from the governor. So we decided well we need to get out so we can take it out to our community and go out where the people are. Rather than making them come into us."

The RV will be able to reach every corner of the county... servicing 4-6 people at a time. The RV is also equipped with a door for handicap residents to make sure everyone can be attended to. The mobile office is fully equipped... to handle any request in the field.

Cindy says "Anybody who wants to apply for Calfresh to get a replacement EBT card come in and ask about their Calfresh case and the same about their calwork cases and their medical cases so any kind of public assistance services that they have we can help them at our mobile office here."

If you weren't able to make it on Wednesday, they have their inaugural event scheduled for June 1st the first of several that have been scheduled for that month.

If you would like the vehicle to visit your community, please follow and website at the link below. I'm your Bakersfield Neighborhood reporter Eric J. Dockery.


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