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Kern County Fire Department begins new EMS Academy

The county allotted $5.2 million to the fire department to improve their respond to medical emergencies
Posted at 9:18 AM, Apr 03, 2024

KERN COUNTY, Calif. (KERO) — Civilian EMTs and paramedics will pair up to work in medical units, which will respond directly to medical emergencies.

  • Video shows the Kern County Fire Department's new EMS academy classes
  • 12 licensed EMTs and paramedics began training in the first EMS academt on Monday.

These vehicles behind me will soon be used by medical units made up of a civilian EMT and paramedic, and the Kern County Fire Department began a new EMS Academy this week to train those civilians to work out in the field.
A full classroom full of students isn’t uncommon at the Kern County Fire Department’s Headquarters, but this class is the first of its kind.

“We’re excited to welcome them as part of our department," Andrew Freeborn with the department said. "We’re excited that this is something new for us that we actually have civilian EMTs and civilian paramedics that are out responding to emergencies in our community.”

KCFD welcomed 12 licensed EMTs and paramedics to the first EMS Academy on Monday where they will learn Kern County Fire Department procedures.

“They’re already proven to be very successful and very good EMTs and very good paramedics,” Freeborn said.

The county gave the fire department $5.2 million dollars in Measure K funding to support two new medic squads in Oildale and Rosamond.

Because of the medic squads’ success, Freeborn says the fire department has been able to expand their training.

“The medic squads are functioning and we’re seeing great results from that, so now we’re expanding yet again, and this expansion will be through what we call medical units.”

The medical units will be made up of one EMT and one paramedic who will staff three medic units with 24 hour coverage in unincorporated areas and only respond to medical emergencies.

“They’re going to help keep fire units available for fire calls,” he adds.

In about a month you can expect to see these medical units responding to medical emergencies in your neighborhood.

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