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Kern County Public Health shares tips on how to have a cool summer

Posted at 6:41 PM, May 31, 2024

BAKERSFIELD, Calif (KERO) — Some Central Valley residents such as those in Kern County experience extreme heat during the summer time. That's why, the county has implemented a few places for residents to cool off in.

  • Parks, Aquatic Centers, and Cooling Centers are available to the community during the season.
  • Stay hydrated, drink at least half a gallon of water a day.
  • Stay inside or in a insulated area during the middle of the day during prime time heat.

Summer starts in 20 days! I'm Eric J. Dockery your Bakersfield neighborhood reporter. With temperatures rising it's important to know where and how to stay cool during the season.

There are multiple locations in the City of Bakersfield to cool down. Aquatic Centers and Water parks were placed for residents to have fun in the water during the summer.

King who is a Bakersfield resident said, "most people are hot and don't have a pool at there house. So they like to come to the park to get wet and cool off."
Temperatures are expected to hit 105 by the middle of next week in the City of Bakersfield. Kern County Public Health wants to remind residents to stay cool and in the shade.

Jeff Fariss Program manager from Kern County Public Health says " In Kern County we get the heat and we get a lot of it. So its vital that everybody understands the important of hydration and staying indoors and in the cool. Try to be in an air condition space as. much as possible."
The City of Bakersfield will make cooling centers available to residents when the temperatures hit 105 degrees or higher.
Jeff said "These centers are a large area or large building that are designated as a cooling center. For people who don't have air conditioning they can go. There's usually comfortable seating and maybe a television for them to relax and be comfortable."

The Kern County Department of Public Health suggest that you drink a half a gallon a day to stay hydrated. I'm Eric J. Dockery your Bakersfield neighborhood reporter.  

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