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Kern's Kindness: Teenagers helping for a "stress-free" holiday clean up

Entering the new year without the holiday hassle!
Cooper and Steven passing out fliers
Posted at 5:52 AM, Jan 02, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-02 08:52:14-05
  • The boys walked up to the large reflective doors, decorated with Christmas wreaths and a red bow. Cooper Stuck reached out his arm and knocked. It's the start of winter break, but that means the work begins.

In this week’s Kerns Kindness, we are putting the spotlight on two teenagers from Northwest Bakersfield- who started their own business helping the hassle of holiday clean up.
It all started with getting in the back of his dads truck.

And a knocking on a few doors.

And a Christmas tree removal business was born.

A pair of hunting boots was the inspiration behind a young 11 year old Cooper Stuck’s want to earn some money.

Now three years later he is still working hard.

“ I like to do a lot of outdoor activities and sometimes it gets expensive. Sometimes my parents don’t want to pay for it, so I just wanted to raise money for myself,” said Cooper Stuck.

And a golf club Steven White wanted was just enough to join him.

These two teenagers in Northwest Bakersfield are not spending their time after Christmas enjoying their new gifts and time off from school, but getting their entrepreneurship skills sharpened.

The duo now go around and pick up Christmas trees anywhere in Bakersfield.

Aiming to create a stress free clean up for the holidays.

“We will clean up the driveway and make sure there’s no leftover tree stuff on it and then that’s it. We’ll take it to the dump. If they can’t take it off the stand or they have a stand on it so we’ll go inside, take it out for them and just undo all of it and put it back in the truck,” said Stuck.

One of their regular customers, Kent McKee, says that his first impression of the boys was what sold him.

“You know I was impressed when they came to the door, however many years ago and offered the service with the flier which was really nicely done,” said McKee.

The boys saying that the spirit of hard work was something they learned while growing up.

 “Both of our parents have inscribed that end into us that hard work makes money,” said Steven White.

You can reach out to the Christmas Tree Pickup at 661-428-8950.

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