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MADD recognizes officers making a difference in the community one life at a time

Posted at 9:23 AM, Jun 21, 2024

BAKERSFIELD, Calif (KERO) — Drinking & driving has hurt so many families in the past. The organization wants to put on notice, that we should all think before getting behind a wheel impaired. For our safety and those around us.

  • Every 39 minutes someone dies from drunk driving. That is around 36-37 people a day.
  • Starting at home and giving a good example can prevent children from growing up and testing the waters.
  • A DUI citation could result in more than $10,000 in fines, fees, and insurance cost.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving are working tirelessly to put the brakes on this endless cycle of tragedy. I'm Eric J. Dockery, your Bakersfield neighborhood reporter.MADD Kern County takes a moment each year to recognize the men and women who keep our streets safe from drunk driving.

"In Kern County our rate of drunk driving accidents are extremely high. We need more awareness and more advocates, to get the word out. Just to realize there are other ways to get home than getting behind the wheel intoxicated." said Tiffany Giese

Research says ever 39 minutes somebody dies in the nation due to drunk driving
That’s around 36/37 people a day. There has been over 800 DUI arrest in Kern County alone so far this year.

Officer Christian Mejia said "The way I see it and I think about. We really will never know how many lives were saving. Just the fact were arresting a DUI driver, I like to think were saving a life or a family. It could be your family, my family or my partners family.

Majority of the members in Mother Against Drunk Driving (MADD) have dealt with this incident first hand. Which is why they are so adamant about getting the word out to help the next family.

"So, June 22, 2002 when we lost our son Adam Pearson, so that’s what basically started me advocating for families in our community" said Carla Pearson who is the Senior Victim Service Advocate for MADD.

Officers, service men & women weren’t the only ones receiving awards on Thursday. April Campbell and Tiffany Giese both received a Community Champion Award. They also plan on inviting MADD to their high schools to talk to their students.

April Campbell said "Receiving a community champion award, I think it just it’s a huge honor. I feel like what we try to do for our students, is just help prepare them to be great humans. This just shows that some of things we do make a difference."

Tiffany said "Kern County supports the high schools and is willing to support education. Also, to get the word out with our students. To be supportive of all students in the Kern high school district."

Carla Pearson says "Its important to start the conversation at home by being good examples and reaching out for help when needed."

If you need assistance, you can reach MADD anytime by calling 877-MADD-HELP. I’m Eric J Dockery, your Bakersfield neighborhood reporter.

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