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Racing the globe, BMX riders from around the nation make a pitstop in Bakersfield

The USA BMX Golden State Nationals brought hundreds of riders to Kern County
Posted at 8:24 PM, Feb 18, 2024
  • Video shows the USA BMX Golden State Nationals in Bakersfield.
  • Hundreds of BMX riders spanning a wide age range take to the tracks at Metro BMX.


Each year, USA BMX hosts its national event, where riders race for points. With these points, they hope to rank up to the Grand Nationals.

Jordan Miranda, a professional BMX rider, started riding at just five years old.

“What I compare it to is kind of like football,” Miranda said, “you have your regular season games and at the end of the year, you have your Super Bowl. At the end of the year for us, it usually ends in Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

Now, 25 years later, Miranda’s passion never ended.

“It’s more so a foundation to build, whether you’re competing in bicycle, motocross, which the sport of BMX or any other sport that you can apply this same type of level of discipline to,” Miranda said.

But after having his turn in the spotlight, Miranda decided it was time to pump the brakes.

He said, “I had my day back in the day around 2016, when I retired from BMX.”

But when one race ends, another begins. So, Miranda began a new course coaching the next generation of riders at Metro BMX.

“My parents took over the facility here in Bakersfield,” Miranda said. “And ever since then, I’ve just been a coach and more of a mentor to the younger riders to help get them through…”

Aven Beaty, who’s an 11-year-old expert, started BMX four years ago.

“I’ve grown a lot because whenever I first started, I wasn’t doing my best,” said Aven. “ I was out there, but no one really knew my name, and… I’ve overcome a lot.”

With each race, Aven found a deeper passion for the sport.

“I’d wish that people would just know that it’s a fun sport and just try to try it out,” she said.

Even sharing some words of wisdom with others who may be just starting.

Aven said, “Just have fun with it. If the day doesn’t go as planned, it’s okay. More races are coming your way.”

Another important lesson Miranda passed on is that just because it’s a competition… doesn’t mean riders can’t just come along for the ride.

“Just taking what you learn from the sport and applying it to everyday life so that one day you can grow up to be successful,” said Miranda.

He adds that this success is for whatever path each rider chooses to take.

“Whether you’re a pro-BMX rider, or just in college, or on a personal level of trying to achieve your dream job,” Miranda said.

As for what the future has in store for Aven? Well, she says she’s just going wherever the wind takes her.

“I’m just going along with life as it goes,” Aven said.

The USA BMX Golden State Nationals will be in Bakersfield until February 18, riding out of town the next day.

More information on upcoming races and how to get involved are on the USA BMX website.

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