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Warrior 1 Yoga offers workouts that can change your mind, body, and soul.

Posted at 11:16 AM, Jun 25, 2024

BAKERSFIELD, Calif (KERO) — Warrior 1 is not your average yoga studio. They take time to make sure their clients are healing as much as learning the art of yoga. They also offer a free day for first responders & veterans.

  • Monday all classes are free to those recipients
  • Studio open 7 days a week offering 3-5 workouts a day.
  • Clients have seen major changes in their bodies due to these classes.

Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that originated in ancient India... but here... it has a patriotic feel.
I'm Eric J Dockery, your Bakersfield neighborhood reporter.
Warrior 1 Yoga hosts 3-5 classes a day and offers a deal for veterans and first responders.

Warriors look out for each other in or out of battle. That's why, this studio is called, Warrior 1 Yoga, and they say they help veterans rehabilitate.

Dana Healey, Owner and Instructor of Warrior 1 Yoga "So if it's 5 am Hot Flow, 9 am with Ally core, or 11:30 bar, there are all heated classes. There is a 4 pm Brazilian butt lift hot yoga and a 5:15 yoga dance class with BJ."

First responders and veterans have access to free classes all day on Mondays

Larry Smith who has became a faithful client said "I was a first responder also, California Highway Patrol that's where I hurt my back. So I ended up having to go see these doctors all the time. Three months ago I went to see someone for my back. They took a look at it, and they just can't believe it. I'm able to stand strong and walk. It's all because of this place right here."

"It is a 100% better quality of life. I'm always going to have my injuries, but yoga gives me a purpose just like boot camp it's an amazing program." said Marcus Lecero

Some clients told me, that their doctor wanted them to get surgery for their injury. Instead, they chose yoga and were amazed at the results.

Georgina Atchison mentioned "It's healing in the fact that your mind and your breathing are all combined. It's low impact, so you're not putting a lot of stress on your body. That can normally hurt you."

Lori Collins said "My biggest takeaway is that we need to support veterans. We need to support their mental health, we need to support their physical health. If we're willing to send them off to war, we need to be able to take care of them.

You can register for classes online or through their app. For 23 ABC Im Eric J. Dockery your Bakersfield neighborhood reporter.

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