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World Ag Expo begins its 57th show in Tulare

A featured Bakersfield business developed a refrigerant that's better for the environment
Posted at 1:36 PM, Feb 14, 2024
  • Video shows cows at the World Ag Expo, the opening ceremony, and Pro Refrigeration technology
  • Damon Reed with Pro Refrigeration tells me they're the first to pioneer a natural refrigerant to cool milk down from 98° at the farm to 36°.

The milk and cheese in your fridge start with cows, and one Bakersfield organization at the World Ag Expo has developed an environmentally friendly way to get those dairy products from the cattle farm to the grocery store.
Moving from the cow to the shelves is not a simple process.

Damon Reed with Pro Refrigeration, one of the featured exhibitions at the World Ag Expo says his company takes on the refrigeration.

Neighborhood News Repoter Dominique Lavigne interviewing Damon Reed with Pro Refrigeration at the AG Expo
Neighborhood News Repoter Dominique Lavigne interviewing Damon Reed with Pro Refrigeration at the AG Expo

“The temperature of a cow is around 100° to 102° is kind of their normal temperature, which is why we get milk at 98°,” Reed explained.

He tells me his company is the first to pioneer the instant cooling process.

“Standard synthetic refrigerants, those are damaging to the atmosphere.”

He says the natural CO2 refrigerant cools milk from 98° at the farm to 36° without contributing to global warming.

“We need to get that temperature of the milk down so that we prevent bacterial growth in the storage cycle,” Reed said.

They began developing the system about 3 years, and Stan Creelman the 2024 World Ag Expo chairman says there’s innovation from hundreds of companies at the expo.

“Oh, if you’re looking for something new in ag," Creelman said. "It’s probably here. A lot of companies use this show to debut something they’ve been working on all year.”

This year marks the 57th show, and Creelman expects more than 100,000 visitors to attend the expo this year.

“The biggest difference this year is our show has become much more animated.”

And that’s exactly what Reed did, showing us exactly how the natural refrigerant instantly cools the milk beginning from the storage tank.

“From here we take it, we pump it at a constant speed through this heat exchanger," he showed me. "This heat exchanger, this is where we transfer the heat from the milk into the secondary cooling.”

Reed tells me this one step in the process to get dairy products to your table will help take care of the environment and contribute to new developments in the ag industry.

“We’re the first to pioneer it, and we’re standing behind it 100%.”

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