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Beautifying Project: California City Kiosk gets an upgrade

Desert Rose Garden Club, along with several volunteers, renovate Cal City Kiosk that's on California City Boulevard
Posted at 5:41 PM, Feb 09, 2024
  • In this video, Adam Barragan says it's "crazy" to think that people continue to work on the California City Kiosk. He created the concept in 2015 as his Eagle Scout project.
  • Cal City Public Works employees Marion Cato and Harvey Brown say they are grateful that they got to work on the Cal City Kiosk renovation.
  • Adam Barragan saw the renovated Cal City Kiosk for the first time on Monday and 23ABC was there.


In 2015, the kiosk on California City Boulevard started out as a project for an Eagle Scout... and now it’s getting an upgrade.

I’m Steve Virgen, your Cal City neighborhood reporter.

Adam Barragan is one of many impressed with the new look, courtesy of several volunteers and city workers.

Cacti and black lava rocks have been added to the Cal City Kiosk. Love and care from the community has also been seen. In 2016, The kiosk was first built after Adam’s concept.

Back then he also saw volunteers and people come together to get the job done.

“When I had to write material lists out and when I had to plan out the working days, like all the steps I was going to take, it seemed like a lot, but I had a lot of people who helped me out. They helped take a lot of weight off my shoulders," Barragan said.

Adam recently heard about the renovation going on for his special Eagle Scout project.

“It’s crazy for me to think that people will continue to work on it. And this project that I took a lot of pride in, that I created, some people will still be contributing and helping out. And I appreciate it. I’ll always appreciate it,” Barragan said.

Cal City workers were proud to renovate the kiosk, including Marion Cato and Harvey Brown.

“I like the way we’re decorating the median here with the tortoise and everything. I’m helping my friend right here get it together. We’re going to make Cal City big and proud again," said Cato, who has been with Cal City Public Works for more than 20 years.

“What I like to say is we like to beautify Cal City one block at a time … starting here," Brown said.

Renovating the Cal City Kiosk took a lot of hard work and sweat. They dug as deep as 18 inches.

Me asking: “Why do you think it’s so important to do beautifying projects like these?”

“Well on a volunteer level, when people commit to helping they’re not getting paid for this. This is coming from the heart. So it means something to them to be a part of this kind of thing. They’re invested,” said Marilyn Giovannetti, the Desert Rose Garden Club president.

Adam saw the renovated kiosk for the first time on Monday and 23ABC was there.

“I feel like it completes it a lot. It makes it look like it’s supposed to be there. It makes it look like part of the environment. It’s really nice. It’s beautiful. I like it a lot,” Barragan said.

The Desert Rose Garden Club allocated $3,500 to complete the tortoise and kiosk beautifying projects and had around $900 left over.

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