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Fed Up: Cal City resident continues recall for three councilmembers

Bradley gathering signatures after serving recall for Mayor Kelly Kulikoff, councilman Michael Kulikoff and mayor pro tem Ron Smith.
Posted at 7:58 PM, Oct 31, 2023
  • In this video, California City resident Shawn Bradley talks about why he served a recall for three councilmembers.
  • Cal City Mayor Kelly Kulikoff says accusations are false.


Deception, mismanagement, wasteful spending, these are some of the reasons that Shawn Bradley says he started a recall in August against three Cal City councilmembers.

Bradley says he’s had enough of Mayor Kelly Kulikoff, brother and councilman Michael Kulikoff and Mayor Pro Tem Ron Smith.

Although the odds don’t seem to be in Bradley’s favor to get what he wants, he remains confident.

“They’re not doing what they should be doing and they’re being dishonest in a lot of things they’re engaging in and to me I have a concern with that. I have a concern with abuse of power and a lot of other things," Bradley said.

Bradley calls himself a community activist, and says he has a long list of reasons for why he served the recall in August. He

created a website:

Bradley says he has some people on his side and plans to convince more, with about two more weeks to gather the more than 1,000 signatures he needs.

Kelly Kulikoff says he disputes Bradley's claims.

“There must have been some issues which they felt were wrong, which I don’t believe. I believe it was skewed, and not truthful, not the correct reasoning for the recall. I don’t believe any of those statements," Kelly Kulikoff says.

Bradley accuses the trio of trying to unseat councilmember Karen Macedonio, who is currently the target of litigation filed by the city. The dispute centers on her serving in two offices, as a council member, and director of the East Kern Health Care District. Macedonio, who is also a board member of the Kern Economic Development Corporation, declined to be interviewed. Bradley created a website to support Macedonio:

If anything, he believes the recall has helped spark improvements, which is what he says he really wants.

“Whether we’re able to succeed at removing them from the council, we are still achieving things based on the recall," Bradley said.

“The idea of the recall kind of helped me to realize that I need to do more, even though I thought I was," Kulikoff said.

Bradley ran for council before and says he plans to do so again in 2026.

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