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Parole denied for killer in 2015 Delano Valentine's Day shooting

Convicted murderer Juan Molina was recently denied parole for the shooting of Adrian Garner in 2015 on Valentine's Day. The district attorney's office saying Molina still posing a threat to society
Posted at 7:02 PM, Feb 21, 2024
  • Video tells the story of Delano resident Andrew Garner who was tragically killed on Valentine's Day in 2015. The convicted killer Juan Molina, recently appeared before a parole board where he was denied parole.
  • Garner's older sisters tells 23ABC about the events of that night and their opinions on Molina's denied parole.

Nine years ago — Delano resident Adrian Garner was out celebrating with his siblings on Valentines Day. What was supposed to a night of fun.. turned tragic… ending in Garner’s death.

The man convicted of his murder recently appeared before the parole board… something the family called… unacceptable.

Neighborhood News Reporter Ruby Rivera interviewing victim's sisters Sandra and Cynthia in Delano
Neighborhood News Reporter Ruby Rivera interviewing victim's sisters Sandra and Cynthia in Delano

Adrian Garner's sisters described seeing the man who took their brothers life at his recent parole hearing... for the first time since his conviction.

"The only thing that gives me, solace is that we actually had justice for him,” said Sandra Estrada.

"You're doing all that but your heart is not in it. You're just doing everything to look good but really who doesn't you know that's how they prepare you 'okay you gotta do — this is what you have to do, and the only time I've seen that mans eyes light up at all — he just has like dead shark eyes to me,” said Cynthia Leon.

Estrada and Leon say it's not often that an outcome like this occurs.

Sentenced to 15 years to life, Juan Molina's parole hearing was eight years after the incident.

The District Attorney's office said Molina was denied parole because the board ruled he still "posed a threat to public safety."

Even today, both sisters tell me Estrada's true motive is still fuzzy to them but believe alcohol played a huge factor.

At the time, Estrada lived next to her brother, and was there when Garner took his last breath.

"When I flipped him over, Sabrina's his fiancé's sister where stuck inside the of the hole in his back, she was trying to stop the bleeding,” said Estrada. “And I told him, 'it's gonna be okay brother it’s just one bullet, it went through its clean you're going to be okay. and his brother started shaking and I was holding him and I could feel him not being able to breath."

Andrew Garner was shot and killed back on 2/14/2015
Andrew Garner was shot and killed back on 2/14/2015

It was Valentine's Day 2015, when a fight started between Molina and another person at Garner's home. He was reportedly unaware there was anyone at his home.

His family says Garner tried to break it up... when Molina and his wife began screaming profanities and death threats.

Adrian's sisters say it wasn't long after Molina returned and shot him.

Now, nine years later, they say he showed no remorse and they didn't feel like he was ready for a 2nd chance.

"The man that took my brothers life, and is supposed to be paying his debt to society is trying to shortchange us,” said Estrada.

Visiting his grave site as often as possible, the family says all they can do now is hold onto happy memories of their brother.

"Just I mean a wonderful guy you know, he always had a smile on his face, that smile man just brighten up the whole room you know you felt his presence you know and he made sure that you felt his presence.”

The parole board issued a five year denial however the DA’s office says Molina's next hearing date could potentially be in 18 months.

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