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How the Delano Police Department is solving crimes one photo at a time

The Delano Police Department is combatting crime in a more digital way. Implementing License Plate Reading cameras throughout the city to assist with auto thefts in the area.
Posted at 7:15 PM, Feb 08, 2024
  • Video shows how the Delano Police Department has combated auto thefts in the area with the use of new cameras and the results are shocking.

New technology has made its way into the Delano Police Department but these cameras are far from ordinary. They’re called flock cameras used to help Delano PD track license plates for various crimes. Since it’s installation back in June of 2023 — Delano PD has seen a significant reduction in auto thefts.

In 2023 over 2022 we saw a 22.6% reduction in crime. Nationally, stolen vehicles have risen by 29.6%, when we saw a reduction of 77%,” said Interim Chief for the Delano Police Department Jerry Nicholson.

Nicholson says the Flock Cameras work in real time along side officers - using the FBI National Crime Database to track down certain vehicles. Chief Nicholson providing 23ABC with a photo showing his patrol car as an example.

When a vehicle of interest goes in front of one of those Flock Cameras within 15 seconds, that officer is notified that that vehicle has passed a particular camera and which direction that vehicle is traveling,” said Nicholson.

Speaking with Spokesperson for Flock Safety Holly Beilin, she tells me since its launch in 2017 — the company has been able to work with hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the state and have made huge progress nationwide.

Flock Safety technology is now helping 4,000 communities around the country solve a whole host of crimes,” `Flock Safety is actually helping solve about 10% of crime in the U.S — of reported crime.”

Beilin says although Flock Cameras are designed mainly for law enforcement — they have potential for so much more. From increasing safety various cities, schools, and even private neighborhoods.

Chief Nicholson says Flock Cameras have already proven to be effective in crimes outside of stolen vehicles.

It assisted us in capturing a kidnapping suspect with the victim still in the car,” said Nicholson. “So, it’s not just about stolen vehicles, it’s about assisting and allowing our officers and giving our officers the tools.”

While Nicholson says they’re grateful for this newfound technology, he believes the success comes from the officers on the front lines who are utilizing these resources.

These cameras are not the end all saving grace for law enforcement,” said Nicholson. “We can have millions and millions of dollars in technology but the bottom line it’s the officers and the staff that utilize that.”

Chief Nicholson says because of the great success they’ve had with this set of cameras — they are currently in the process of purchasing and installing 25 more cameras throughout the city.

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