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The Cesar E. Chavez Titan Band is marching their way to the Top

Students are heading down South to compete in the California State Band Field show Competition, starting practice in early June to have enough time to prepare.
Titan Band Group Photo
Posted at 6:07 PM, Nov 18, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-19 01:25:04-05
  • Video shows the musical talents that students from the Chavez titan band have to offer.
  • Students started practice in early June. With longer hours than usual, students are confident that they will come out on top and are grateful for the preparation they were given.
  • UPDATE - As of November 18, The Cesar E. Chavez Titan Band has won the California State Band Championships.
  • According to the CSBC website, the Titan band received an overall score of 93.3, three points more than the runner up El Toro High school.

    The Caesar E. Chavez Titan band is heading to a prestigious competition this weekend.

    They’ll be marching down South to Los Angeles to make their mark in the California State Band field Show Championships where they are currently ranked number 1 among all 1A, 2A and 3A schools in the state of California.

    The Titan band has been undefeated in the Pac Indoor Drum-line Championships since 2016. With their hard work and dedication paying off, students I spoke with showed a huge level of confidence when it came to the upcoming CSBC competition.

    “There was not really a big doubt. We’re kind of, we’re confident in what we’re playing we practice and we earn our trophy out here so that way when we go there we’re just picking the trophy up,” said drum major and senior Ryan Rodriguez.

    “As drum captain my duty is to defend the reputation that we have here at Chavez because we’re one of the more successful groups in the area and we strive for perfection here and tomorrow we’re going to go in with a target on our backs just how we like it,” said drum captain and senior William Rivera.

    Rodriguez, whose been in band since freshman year, feels honored to have the opportunity to represent his school and cannot wait to see their efforts out on stage.

    “It’s really humbling for me,” said Rodriguez. “To know that so many people trust me and my leadership and I’m able to guide such a well respected group into state championships.”

    Rodriguez credits his growth to the rigorous practices that Chavez high provides.

    Band director for the Titan band Alex Gonzalez says students typically practice for four hours after school but expanded this year by starting their summer practice immediately after graduation in June, practicing much longer than four hours for 2-3 days straight and later transitioned to daily practice in August.

    “Because of that it allowed us to kind of prepare a little differently than we normally do here at Chavez and it’s really played dividend now because now we’ve been able to just focus on details rather than putting a whole lot of work in,” said Gonzalez.

    For Rivera… the longer practice hours have paid off at the competitions and although it can be exhausting at times, he’s truly proud of their efforts.

    “Were such a small city in a relatively small school and going into such a big stage tomorrow a lot of those other bigger schools are gonna be looking at us wondering who little Chavez is from So-Cal so we’ll see what happens,” said Rivera.

    And that's not all. After the CSBC Championships student will make an immediate transition into preparing for their Pac indoor drum-line season — with hopes of qualifying for the WGI World Championships in March of 2024.

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