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Wasco Task Force: Cleaning up a community

Wasco Task Force
Posted at 4:55 PM, Jun 10, 2024

WASCO, Calif. (KERO) — Volunteer members of the Wasco Task Force spent part of their Saturday morning cleaning up the vacant K-Mart parking lot on the northwest side of Wasco.

  • Over the last three months, volunteers with the Wasco Task Force have taken the first Saturday of the month to help beautify their community by picking up trash around the city. Over the weekend, the group focused their efforts on the vacant parking lot that previously housed K-Mart just off of Highway 46.
  • Valentín Medina said the group meets twice a month: on the final Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. in the Wasco City Council chambers and they come together to pick up trash and beautify an area of Wasco on the first Saturday of the month.
  • Approximately 30 people from all over the Wasco community showed up on Saturday morning to help out, but Medina noted they area always looking for more help.


When you think of a Saturday morning, it might be a lazy start to the day where you put on a pot of coffee and relax, but several members of the Wasco community loaded that truck up with trash.

Over the weekend, members of the Wasco Task Force, a volunteer group that meets once a month to help beautify the community, met in the defunct K-Mart parking lot right off Highway 46 to eliminate some of the litter that plagues the area.

Valentín Medina, a Wasco native and City Council member, was one of the volunteers helping clean up and said it's one of the easiest ways for members of the community to go out and help make their neighborhood a better place.

"We want to get engagement from all of our Wasco residents, as you can see here it's not just older members, it's down to toddlers, three, four-year-olds. We want to instill a sense of culture keeping pride in your community and keeping it clean. This is our third event this year and we're looking to put one on every month," said Medina.

Approximately 30 people showed up to the parking lot to help with the clean-up efforts,

Angel Medina said part of the reason he came out was he wanted to:

"Keep Wasco Clean. Short and sweet, right? You want to walk around a clean community and that's about it," said Angel.

Valentín said the Task Force chooses its clean-up sites based on community input and Saturday's site was picked partly because of the need for clean-up, but also partly because of where it was located.

"This was one of the areas that was identified. Obviously, it's a big component of the city of Wasco because it's a big corridor. We want to make sure that as people are coming in and out, the area looks clean.

Medina did say that if you're interested in coming out and helping with a clean-up project, why not? We'll have the information regarding Wasco Task Force meetings and clean-up projects in this story on our website. In Wasco, I'm Sam Hoyle, your neighborhood reporter.

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