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Golfers still 'swinging' at Buena Vista Golf Course, despite maintenance yard fire

Nearly a dozen pieces of equipment used to maintain the golf course were destroyed in a fire nearly a week ago
Posted at 5:08 PM, Jun 27, 2024

TAFT, Calif. (KERO) — Buena Vista Golf Course overcomes numerous challenges to stay open, but recently they face a new setback after maintenance yard fire.

  • A fire in the Buena Vista Golf Course maintenance yard destroyed nearly a dozen pieces of their equipment.
  • The owner of the golf course says that damage was estimated to be hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • The crew at the golf course are working hard to salvage and repair other vehicles as best as they can.


The Buena Vista Golf Course has faced several challenges to remain open, and a few days ago a new one erupted. A fire in the maintenance yard destroyed nearly a dozen pieces of their equipment.

“We came out and by that time it was pretty well engulfed and took out hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment,” says Chad Sorensen.

I visited Buena Vista Golf Course to meet Chad Sorensen, the owner and manager. While the course itself looked pristine with golfers spread out across the green grass, the maintenance yard was filled with charred debris. Chad told me he believed the fire started from one of the motors.

KCFD hasn't determined the exact cause yet. He also mentioned the fire was so intense that what once was a radiator was now a blob of aluminum.

“This was a fairway unit which is no longer, and then I’ve got three large rough units that went down, I have 3 utility vehicles, two tows behind rough units that went down, right behind you there’s a greens mower that’s half melted,” says Chad.

Chad said that the burned units were once used daily. While he still has the equipment to maintain the course, he and the crew at the course are working hard to salvage whatever they can and find replacements.

“Burned every single tire all the hoses are pretty much toast, engines are fried,” continues Chad.

However, he said he’s grateful that the fire didn't reach any buildings, people, or the golf course itself.

“Things run their course and if we can get some relief from the county we will, if we can have an act of god where we only get a rainstorm here every day then that would be great too,” says Chad.

For now, they'll keep swinging, while replacing what was lost.

Due to the required supplies being out of state, officials tell me it'll take about 2 years to recover and acquire new equipment.

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