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Taft Natatorium: Cooling spot for non-pool owners

The Taft Natatorium, reopened last summer, is attracting a surge of swimmers this year.
Posted at 10:59 AM, Jun 13, 2024

TAFT, Calif. (KERO) — Unless you have your own pool, options for swimming in Taft are limited. However, since the Natatorium reopened last year, it has drawn a surge of visitors this year.

  • The Taft Natatorium reopened last summer, is attracting a surge of swimmers this year.
  • It provides a place for many residents who don't own a pool, a chance to cool off.
  • With very limited options to cool down in Taft, the pool in bringing in many families, and individuals together.


There weren't many places to 'make a splash' in Taft during the summer, until recently. If you don't own a pool, most residents were out of luck. The natatorium re-opened last summer following COVID and offers one the few places available for residents and children to make a splash.

“This pool is just another one of those facilities where we’re able to give back to our residents and provide opportunities,” says Stephanie Molina, Westside rec and park superintendent.

Providing opportunities like lifeguard safety training, or even a chance for people without a pool to learn how to swim, like 10-year-old Blake Bumbgarder.

“My dad noticed that I didn’t know how to swim that well so he would have me stand right there next to the staircase and my mom would be right there," says Blake Bumbgarder.

Blake tells me he has many memories from the previous year and plans to make plenty more, after all, this is his home in the summer.

“The reason why I come here is because my dad and my mom are continuously working,” continues Blake.

Although he comes here alone he tells me that he feels safe coming to the pool.

“There’s lifeguards out here continuously switching so say if you on the rock climbing and you hit your head falling down, they’ll know, and they’ll jump in and save you,” says Blake

The Taft Natatorium will be hosting night swims and lap swims from June through August.

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