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Marley's Mutts wins $50K grant, a boost for animal transport program

SpotOn grant will help Marley's Mutts animal transport program, Mutt Movers, which places dogs out of state ready for adoption
Posted at 6:46 PM, Jul 05, 2024

TEHACHAPI, Calif. (KERO) — Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue produces video to help land a $50,000 grant for its animal transport program, Mutt Movers.

  • Information on how to volunteer at Marley's Mutts, including transporting dogs out of state, can be found on their website.
  • Last year, Marley's Mutts animal transport program moved nearly 400 dogs out of state last year so that they could be adopted.
  • Marley's Mutts animal transport program moves up to 35 dogs at least once a month out of state, depending on the weather, so that they can be adopted.
  • Melissa Brunson, executive director at Marley's Mutts, says Kern Safe are among the partners who helped win the $50,000 grant.


Transporting dogs out of state. A lot goes into it. And with Kern County's overpopulated shelters it's a must. I'm Steve Virgen, your neighborhood reporter at Marley's Mutts, where they won a 50 thousand dollar grant that will help cover transport costs, in efforts to save hundreds of animals.

“It’s incredible. You’re tired. You’ve been driving all night. You’re exhausted. You want a hotel room more than anything. But you show up and you see all these people taking these dogs and you get these dogs up and you hit a second wind. It really makes you feel alive. It’s truly the best feeling we have here, says Dylan Decant, Ranch Coordinator.

Dylan Decant of Marley’s Mutts makes the drive to Washington and Montana, traveling more than 20 hours because there are stops needed to walk up to 35 dogs.

Now they have more help. Marley’s Mutts produced a video that helped them become one of five to win a Spot On grant for its animal transport program. Marley’s secured the win with the most votes.

“It wasn’t just a win for Marley’s. It was a win for Kern County … Our shelter partners and our other rescue partners were really excited for us to get this grant. We didn’t just do it in a vacuum," says Melissa Brunson, Executive Director, Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue.

<Marley’s Mutts video>

“Every year, thousands of dogs in Kern County, California face an uncertain future.”

Brunson goes on to say: Last year, overpopulation in the shelters led to euthanasia for nearly 4,500 healthy, adoptable dogs. That’s 40 percent of the shelter population.

Connor Long coordinates the transports, making sure everything is in order.

“Being able to move dogs out of Kern County and into those regions and areas is huge," says Long, the operations manager.

Long says, nearly 300 dogs were adopted from Marley’s, last year. Marley’s transport program moved close to 400 dogs so they could be adopted.

“We do typically about two a month. So, we’re saving probably about 70 dogs on average a month when we are doing these things and it’s just a wonderful thing to be a part of," Decant says.

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