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Renewable Future: Kern County high schoolers visit training center in Tehachapi to explore career options

Over 100 students attended the field trip to learn more about the training program offered at Airstreams Renewables in Tehachapi
Posted at 5:07 PM, Apr 12, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-12 22:50:31-04

TEHACHAPI, Calif. (KERO) — For the first time, Airstreams Renewables welcomed Kern County high schoolers to their campus to learn about careers in renewable energy. Over 100 students attended to learn more about the training.

  • Over 100 students enrolled in programs at the Regional Occupational Center (ROC) visited Airstreams Renewables in Tehachapi to learn about career paths in renewable energy.
  • Students learned about electrical, mechanical and physical work including tower climbing. Above all, Airstreams Renewables highlighted their commitment to safety.
  • The renewable energy industry is fast-growing, and Airstreams Renewables says they recently finished constructing a new dorm building at their campus to house more students.


Over 100 high school students from across the county visited Airstreams Renewables to learn about careers in renewable energy.

Students cheered as a current Airstreams student demonstrated the 80-foot tower climb. That's something they could do, too, if enrolled in the training program.

The visiting students are enrolled in electrical, robotics, and drone courses at the Regional Occupational Center, or ROC, through Kern High School District.

Michael Habashy is enrolled in the drone program, and he says it's already helped set him up in his career.

"For me, I got my part 107 license while I was in high school so I can go do commercial drone work," he said.

Harley Fulton, another student in the Drone program, says the field trip to Airstreams opened her eyes to other options after graduation.

"It makes me feel excited that there's actually opportunities for me to get out and do things like hands-on work," Fulton said.

There were around 115 students on the trip. Among the chaperones, Jason Grant says he had a special connection to the facility.

Neighborhood News Reporter Grace Laverriere interviewing Jason Grant, who says he was part of this program 14 years ago.
Neighborhood News Reporter Grace Laverriere interviewing Jason Grant, who says he was part of this program 14 years ago.

"I was here exactly 14 years ago as a former student," Grant said. "It's kind of shocking because I really wasn't expecting to be here so I'm still kind of grasping it all."

Grant says he worked as a wind turbine technician and got his start in Tehachapi. Now, he works for the Regional Occupational and Career Technical Education Center through Kern High School District.

The trip, he says, was a full-circle moment.

"To see the students' eyes just light up at the millions of opportunities that are available to them, it was just great," said Grant.

Jesse Calvillo says the shared experience with his friends and classmates made the day even more exciting.

"It's actually a really great experience," Calvillo said. "They're interested in the same industry as well. I'm really excited to pursue this career."

Whether they want to work on the mechanical and electrical side or climb the tower, students learned that careers in renewable energy, a fast-growing industry, are options for them.

"This career option is a great way to get into the workforce because of the trade school they have, you can immediately get experience," said Ryan McSpirit. "It's motivating for sure. It makes me excited for what could happen in the future."

Some of the potential career opportunities include working on wind turbines as tower climbers, but the program at Airstreams offers a variety of training to enter the renewable industry. The students say they are glad they had an opportunity to see what other options are available to them after graduation.

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