"Isn't that insane?" Wasco Cheer wins Valley title in first attempt

Wasco Cheer
Posted at 5:40 PM, Feb 02, 2024
  • In their first year of having a competitive cheer squad, the Wasco Tigers walked away with a Valley title knocking off over a dozen other teams in the process.
  • The victory came as a surprise to some but was exciting for all according to student-athletes that talked to 23ABC. Those who talked with 23ABC said this season was memorable for several reasons, but most importantly because of the bonds they built through the year.


Imagine for just a moment, you’re stepping onto the biggest stage you've been on thus far, and absolutely sticking it. I’m Sam Hoyle, your Wasco Neighborhood Reporter, and the Wasco Cheer team did just that.

“It was a little nerve-wracking,” said Nayeli Navarro.

“I just remember telling myself to breathe,” said Ava Melendrez.

“Honestly I was kind of blanked out. It was just like ‘Oh my God is this happening?” said Bianca Rosette.

In the Wasco High Cheer team’s first year of competition, the Tigers took home a valley title knocking off over a dozen other teams to do it.

“Isn’t that insane? Like isn’t that crazy? I think about that all of the time,” said Madison Martinez.

And at the end of the competition, this team was nothing but excited.

“I jumped, I screamed, I hugged my best friend Jackie. We just sat there and once we found out that we won, we were crying, we were hugging like the whole time,” said Melendrez.

“I was very excited, Jumping up and down, happy and grateful for my team,” said Addison Vasquez.

“It was shocking at first. I just stood up and then “oh” and then we got up and then I was like ‘Oh my god, Wasco? That’s literally us.’ Like I didn’t know what to do. I just got up and started screaming,” said Rosette.

In talking with these student-athletes, they said this year was memorable for many reasons, one being a valley title. Two, and likely more importantly, the bond that they built over a season.

"I really love this team so much, these girls have worked so hard," said Vasquez.

“The bond mainly is created because of how close we are and spending so much time together, our bond just gets stronger and stronger,” said Navarro.

“Especially with this group of girls. I love them so much, they’re amazing and if we didn’t have all of them here, it wouldn’t be the same,” said Martinez.

According to the team and their head coach this time of year they are starting to wind down just a little bit before they ramp back up for next Fall and Winter.

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