Wasco Wrestling looking to pin down Masters finishes, State berths

Wasco Wrestling Banners
Posted at 5:53 PM, Feb 12, 2024
  • Over the weekend, the Wasco Tigers boys wrestling team nabbed a Valley title. Just two weekends ago, both the boys and girls earned South Sequoia League titles, marking the boys' second in a row and the girls' third league title in a row.
  • Though school was out for Wasco High School on Monday, wrestlers packed their practice room as they prepare for the Masters' tournament, where if Wasco's wrestlers place high enough they'll earn a berth into the CIF state tournament.


As you can see by the banners hanging up behind me, Wasco wrestling has had a solid bout of success when it comes to the South Sequoia League and now they can cross a Valley title of their list.

Over the weekend, the Wasco boys team took home a Valley title. Two weekends ago, the boys and girls each notched team league titles, and for the girls it marks their third straight title. Though the team as a whole wasn’t able to capture a Valley title, senior Areli Solis says it’s on to the next one.

“I need to beat those girls again, for sure. I hope to do so. And I need a place top four for masters to make it to state,” said Solis.

In any sport, there are long-term goals, like ascending to the top of the podium to say you’re the best in the state, but there are also short-term goals that athletes challenge themselves to as well. For senior Ram Lopez, this weekend helped him clear one of those hurdles.

“Last year, I was in the Valley championship and I took second and it was a really, really tough loss for me. Losing to a first-year high schooler was really tough. And just getting back to that stage and actually winning it and claiming that title. Felt really good,” said Lopez.

While wrestling is technically a team sport, the moment these wrestlers step out onto the mat, it’s just them and their opponent, and each and every day leading up to it, they’re focused on maintaining the work they’ve put in thus far.

"You're always pushing for something more. And I kind of felt that before with cross country. But the difference now is that, like, it's more for yourself and not for the team. And you're really just trying to like better yourself,” said Serenity Rodriguez.

“I realized that I definitely gave myself a better shot this year, sticking through over the summer, and showing up consistently. And that was all just part of the plan to help me get to state,” said Izick Perez.

Now a solid handful of these wrestlers are on to Masters and depending on where they finish there, they’ll earn a bid into the State tournament.

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