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400 Delano Families receive hope in a box from local collaboration

A group effort between Niagara Cares, Feed the Children, and Salvation Army Bakersfield brought day to day necessities and more to 400 local families living below the poverty line.
Posted at 5:28 PM, May 30, 2024

DELANO, Calif. (KERO) — Niagara Cares and Feed the Children hosted a resource drive for 400 families in Delano who are living under the poverty line. Not only receiving food in the boxes, but a sense of self.

  • Hundreds of families who showed up to this distribution event was hand picked by the local Salvation Army —targeting the families who need it the most. This event gave families more than just a box of food.
  • Each family was able to receive a 25 pound box of food, as well as a 15 pound box of personal care items such as feminine hygiene products and other toiletries.
  • Head of Niagara Cares Ann Canela says this effort is part of a bigger collaboration with Feed the Children. The goal is to feed 25,000 families across the county this year, with Delano being the fourth resource rally held this year, Canela says they’ve assisted roughly 12,000 families.

Families across Delano were provided with all kinds of necessities and daily essentials Wednesday morning.

It's part of a bigger plan to feed 25,000 families across the country this year who rely heavily on resource events.

"As one that was raised and born in a low-income [household] I can say it's very important to the community,” said Lifetime resident and production supervisor for Niagara Cares Jose Pulido.

Pulido says his family used to rely on resource boxes just like these and is proud knowing he's now able to give back.

Wednesday's resource event assisted 400 Delano families by donating multiple day-to-day necessities.

Head of Niagara Cares Ann Canela says this effort is part of a collaboration with Feed the Children.

Not only wanting to meet nutritional needs, Canela says it's not just access to healthy food that families need, but a sense of self.

"We're providing them with 15 lb of hygiene supplies which should last at least a month. So, you'll often see in our boxes what is unusual which is beauty products, so it might have lipstick, it might have nail polish,” said Canela. “Right now, we have a bunch of high-end beauty products including blowout styles and other things like that."

Canela says each family was hand-chosen by the local Bakersfield Salvation Army.

Captain Clinton Trimmer, core officer for the Salvation Army core says families were identified from previous Salvation recipients, saying it was fairly easy to pinpoint who needed help.

"We spent only about three weeks identifying families and so the fact that we were able to identify 400 families so quickly just shows this community like many others are really struggling and so, that's why we're here,” said Captain Trimmer.

Canela says with these boxes full of different amenities, they're trying to spread the message of hope within families.

"I often say to our volunteers you never know how you're going to touch someone's life but that touch of kindness can spark so much change in someone,” said Canela.

Niagara Cares isn't stopping its efforts. They'll be sticking around Kern County working with local organizations to understand the needs of the community better.

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