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Delano Adult School summer session is back!

The Delano Adult School summer session has been officially open for about a week but are still registering anyone who is interested. Offering multiple classes, some of which are free of charge.
Posted at 5:39 PM, Jun 17, 2024

DELANO, Calif. (KERO) — Multiple classes are being offered until August 1st at Delano Adult school as part of their summer session. Classes like ESL, GED, and high school diplomas are all free.

  • Delano adult school offers multiple classes with various hours to accommodate anyone who is trying to further their education. The summer session just started last week, but it’s not too late to enroll.
  • The summer session officially started on June 11th and ends on August 1st.
  • School officials say within the ESL class, students also get an introduction to the basics of government, and can also prepare for the citizenship test.

From ESL to business, and even nursing classes, Delano adult school offers multiples avenues for anyone looking to further their education. School officials spreading the message that everyone has a right to learn.

“A lot of people say ‘Oh I’m too old or I can’t do It anymore’ but we are here to help,” said Director of Delano Adult School Julio Segura. “We have our teachers, they’re wiling to help, we have our counselors, we have a group of people that are willing to help.”

Segura says each class is designed to try an accommodate as many people as possible by offering classes all year round and at multiple different times for anyone with a busy schedule.

Segura says the school has been serving Delano residents for the last 50 years. He says per year, they serve an average of 1,800 students.

“Our average on our high school diploma program, we have an average of 45 students,” said Segura. “The high school equivalency program we have about 35 making it about 80 students per year who graduate.”

This summer, the adult school is offering E-S-L classes, GED preparation, High school diplomas, as well as business and computer.

Segura says the ESL, GED, and high school diploma classes are all free of charge.

However, he says the school also offers office skills, nursing assistant program, and medical assistant programs during its regular session and although they do have a fee, its at a much better price.

“Our medical assistant class in comparison, we charge $3,000 for that one. If you go to any of the other schools that show nursing assistant, they will charge you $18-$19,000,” said Segura.

Enrollment is still open for the summer session — for more information,click here.

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