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Delano community coordinates fundraiser for local community servant

Community members organized a drive-through donation drive to help raise money for local Ginda Adkins to assist with her upcoming chemotherapy treatments.
Posted at 10:39 AM, Apr 23, 2024

DELANO, Calif. (KERO) — Delano residents put together a fundraiser in under two weeks to help raise money for long time community member Ginda Adkins, currently battling cancer.

  • Community members gathered at the American Legion in Delano to help with volunteer efforts in turning the legion into a drive through. All in an effort to help long time friend to many, Ginda Adkins.
  • Delano resident Ginda Adkins is known for her giving heart and her openness to help someone in need.
  • The donation drive was organized to help raise money to help Adkins with her upcoming chemotherapy treatments.

Ginda Adkins is a long-time and well-known community member in Delano. Often seen here at the American Legion helping to organize community events. These efforts you see weren't organized by Ginda instead they're for her.

A heartwarming welcome came before Ginda Adkins by friends and family as she entered the American Legion.

Adkins, greeting everyone with a smile despite the hardships she's currently facing.

"I'm fighting cancer right now, all hooked up, ready to go and. I'll start chemo aggressively on — this coming week,” Said Adkins.

Adkins says this isn't her first time battling cancer and is extremely grateful to have such a strong support system.

"We cooked 200 lbs of tri-tip. We put that on the grill at about 6:45 and had it done by 9,” said volunteer cook Larry Smith. “We're aiming to sell out so fingers crossed we will sell out."

Running out of tri-tip just a couple of hours later and switching to pulled pork, community organizers say they were able to raise a total of $11,200 on food sales and other donations.

"They have my back, no matter what I know my community does,” said Adkins.

Adkins is normally found at the American Legion using her time to be a community servant by coordinating numerous events.

I had the opportunity to speak with her back in December of 2023 during the Toys After Turkey event, a toy donation drive created by her.

"We will be making sure all of those kids or young adults have also gifts for Christmas that'll be here this coming week but other than that we make sure the community gets all the toys they need,” said Adkins.

She says her community never fails to amaze her and is grateful to be on the receiving end of a donation drive.

"I would still be right up in the middle of it if it was somebody else. So, yes I am very special right now and I'm very very honored and so grateful but I — Delano would do it for anyone,” said Adkins.

Along with lunch sales, a raffle was also conducted to bring in more donations. Anyone who didn't get to attend the event is still welcome to donate either in person or online, for more information contact Claribel Gutierrez at (661) 778-3265 or Dee at (661) 586-5253.

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