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Delano Librarian Trades Storybooks for Textbooks

Third year librarian for Harvest Elementary School Amanda Garza has made the choice to further her education with the help of a local scholarship.
Posted at 10:14 AM, Jun 17, 2024

DELANO, Calif. (KERO) — Thanks to a local scholarship, a Delano Librarian now has the opportunity to continue her educational journey to becoming a social worker or child development director.

  • The Wendy Wayne Scholarship is awarded annually to someone from Kern County who is wanting to pursue an education in the early childhood education field.
  • This years recipient is Amanda Garza. The librarian for Harvest Elementary in Delano received a total of $1,000 and will be using that to benefit not only her education but the next generation of leaders.
  • Ms. Garza has worked for the district for 13 years and has always had a passion for childhood education and development.

Amanda Garza has worked for the Delano Union School District for the past 13 years. Operating under different titles but her goal the same. The beloved local librarian deciding she wants to continue benefiting the students in a more important way.

I would like to congratulate you on being the recipient for the 2024 Wendy Wayne Scholarship,” said Third year librarian for Harvest Elementary Amanda Garza.

Garza, reading part of the email that has made her educational dream a reality.

The Wendy Wayne Scholarship is awarded by the Early Childhood Council of Kern annually to someone from Kern County who is wanting to pursue an education in the early childhood education field.

Everyday just meeting and you know collaborating with the kids and just talking to them, hearing their stories, just it’s a passion of mine that I love working with,” said Garza.

The $1,000 scholarship is giving her the opportunity to attend Fresno Pacific University in the fall to earn her bachelors degree.

Principle of Harvest Elementary Karen Weirather says is anyone deserved this scholarship, it was Ms. Garza.

The award does not surprise me. Ms. Garza is a very hard worker, she is dedicated to the staff and students at Harvest Elementary,” said Weirather. “She has great relationships with the parents and the staff here, she does whatever it takes to help support our staff, students, and families.”

Ms. Garza says this was something she’s been working toward for a while, already earning three degrees in related fields, she tells me her overall inspiration to continue were her children.

My son just recently started second grade I said it was time now, it was time to go back to school and it just — I just needed 7 more classes left so I recently graduated in December but I wanted to walk in May for my children,” said Garza.

Ms. Garza, excited to start the next step in her journey, shares advice for others who might be wanting to do something similar.

“Do it just take that extra step just go apply for college, look at me it’s never too late,” said Garza.

MS. Garza’s overall goal is to continue working Delano Union School District working and transition to becoming either a child development director or social worker.

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