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Delano Schools Participate in Teacher Appreciation Week

Students across the country are taking time to say thank you to their teachers and staff. At Morningside Elementary in Delano, students have been giving back the kindness to their educators.
Posted at 5:43 PM, May 07, 2024
and last updated 2024-05-07 23:18:36-04

DELANO, Calif. (KERO) — Teacher appreciation week is being celebrated across the nation, here in Delano, students have worked hard to ensure that their teachers and staff also feel loved and appreciated this week.

  • From writing thank you cards to dressing up as their teachers — students across Delano elementary schools are ensuing that their teachers feel loved and appreciated during teacher appreciation week.
  • There's a different theme everyday to keep the kids engaged and interact more with their teachers.

Teachers are the backbone of our society. Ensuring that the next generation is prepared to go out into the world. This week, in Delano students are giving back the kindness they get from their teachers.

"Teachers, they're always here and we should — we should really celebrate them because they always help us,” said 5th grader at Morningside Elementary School Yareli Martinez. “They just do a lot of work and we should really appreciate them."

Martinez says she feels like her teachers are always at school. Preparing lessons for the week, or grading papers — with the amount of time spent at school, Martinez says hosting an appreciation week is the least they could do.

It's a week-long event, with different themes every day to keep the kids more engaged and excited to participate.

Martinez says she enjoys coming to school and credits part of that to her teacher's attentiveness.

"We do have an important role,” said 5th grade teacher at Morningside Elementary School Antonio Gonzalez. “Students who come in our classrooms — are our future, and we have future doctors, future nurses, future lawyers, and we want to make sure that you know we play a small role but we want to guide them in the correct direction."

Mr. Gonzalez says watching students come into his classroom, thrive throughout the year, and leave with more knowledge than they came with is one of the reasons he became a teacher.

4th grade teacher at Morningside Elementary Yessenia Gonzalez grew up as a student of Morningside. Having the perspective of both teacher and student — she says she's gained a new perspective from teacher appreciation week.

"As a teacher it's different. I'm able to see you much effort they put into their you know 'Thank you for the little gifts’,” said Ms. Gonzalez. “Just having that feeling is so different from a student experience.”

With 3 more days left of teacher appreciation week, Martinez has one more gift for her teachers.

"For our library teacher was doing a Larry Itliong dance so I’m very excited about that event and I’m in it,” said Martinez.

Teacher appreciation week goes until May 10th here at Morningside along with the rest of the Delano Elementary School District.

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