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Kern County's Sebastian Millan makes his way to the final competition of the 2024 Scripps Spelling Bee

The 11-year-old student at Albany Park Elementary School in Delano missed his first word and was eliminated
Posted at 5:25 PM, May 27, 2024

UPDATE: Sebastian Millan missed his first word at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, and has exited the competition in the opening round. The 5th-grade student at Albany Park Elementary School in Delano was tripped up on the word, "Shawwal", which is the tenth month of the lunar Islamic calendar.

245 students from across the country are in Washington D.C. to compete in the 2024 Scripps National Spelling Bee. Including Kern County's Sebastian Millan, he's ready to put his skills to the test.

  • "Locomotive" was the winning word that got Sebastian Millan the first-place trophy for the 2024 Scripps Kern County Spelling Bee. And now, he's made it to Washington D.C to participate in the finale.
  • Aside from family support, his school, Albany Park Elementary, orchestrated a send-off for Sebastian. Decorating classroom doors and dressing up as themes from Harry Potter — one of Sebastian's favorite books at the moment.

He's set to go up against 244 other spellers from all over the country. Although Sebastian says he is a bit nervous to start the completion, he's confident that his time studying will pay off.

The Bakersfield City School District was where 11-year-old Sebastian Millan won the first-place trophy for the 2024 Scripps Kern County Spelling Bee — allowing him to qualify for the finals. Sebastian is currently in Washington D.C. as he prepares to possibly walk out with another award.

The first time we spoke with Sebastian Millan, he said that he felt "a pit in his stomach" when competing but was worth it in the end.

On Monday... even though the feeling is still there... he told me that he is confident in his skills and is determined to go far in the final competition.

He is one of 245 spellers that have also made it to the 2024 National Scripps Spelling Bee and as the days go on, that number will decrease.

The competition is broken down into four different sections. On Tuesday, May 28, all qualifiers will go through a preliminary competition. Those who fail to pass this portion will be sent home.

The remaining spellers will then go onto the quarterfinals and semifinals on Wednesday, with the finale taking place on Thursday.

"I'm dreading the day off like the actual — any day but the preliminary so quarterfinals, semifinals, and then actual finals I'm dreading all of those days,” said Sebastian Millan.

Sebastian says he is grateful for the strong support system both from home and school.

Receiving a congratulatory send-off from his classmates, his mother Monique Millan says she couldn't be prouder of watching her son get this far in the competition.

"I know deep down he's excited to be here and you know just the fact that he has — he did accomplish to be here himself this is — we're all here because of him,” said Monique Millan.

Those supporting Sebastian from home can watch him live in action as the competition will be streamed on ION. For more information, click here.

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