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Delano barber brings art into haircuts

Owner of Guzman's Barbershop Cesar Guzman is unlike any other local barber, leaving his clients with both a fresh cut and a creative design.
Posted at 6:16 PM, May 28, 2024

DELANO, Calif. (KERO) — Barber Cesar Guzman says when he didn't know whether to become a tattoo artist or barber, he decided to do both. Giving many of his clients artwork rather than an ordinary haircut.

  • Guzmans barber shop has been a staple piece in Delano since the early 2000’s. But in recent years the barber shop has also become an art studio — clients come for a fresh cut and leave with something more.
  • Starting with Sonic — to designs like the First Supper and Pokémon characters, Guzman tries to do it all.
  • His most recent design was the Mona Lisa which took him roughly 40 minutes.

Starting with Sonic, to designs like the First Supper and Pokémon characters, Guzman’s Barbershop is unlike any other. Here at Guzmans, clients leave with a fresh cut and a piece of art.

"During high school, I didn't know what to do either tattooing or barbering,” said Owner Cesar Guzman. “So, I started experimenting with my drawing skills in haircuts."

Guzman, also known as Vampiro the barber, says art has always been a passion of his. He says being able to make a career out of it has been a dream come true.

Guzman, has been using this creative approach since 2008 and has covered a multitude of designs.

His most recent piece is the Mona Lisa.

"I always just give him free range of whatever he wants to do. Honestly, I just, he's a really good artist so I mean I have real trust and faith in him,” said client and long-time friend Adrian Medina.

Medina says he is constantly getting complimented and stopped on the street to ask about his cut and is proud to see his friend become successful in their community.

"Sometimes I feel like a celebrity when I'm outside at the store and sometimes they recognize me, they're like 'Oh, that's the barber that does designs' You know it makes me feel good,” said Guzman, “So, by me combining those two things it's just, that's my piece of paper you know that I can draw on."

Guzman says his creative approach truly started when he realized no one else in the area was doing something similar.

Since then, his instagram page has been covered in his past designs and he tells me he's nowhere close to finishing and already has another idea in mind for the next person to sit in his chair.

"I try to do a portrait design at least once every two weeks so my next one, I don't know I want to do Miley Cyrus,” said Guzman.

Guzman says he is always looking to try out new pieces with new clients. Anyone interested in getting a haircut with something creative — visit Guzman’s instagram @vampirothebarber.

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