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BCSD looking to fill multiple positions with career showcase this Saturday

Posted at 3:28 AM, Oct 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-11 08:54:58-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — Staffing shortages are happening across every industry right now, especially schools.

We are a few weeks into the school year and as most school districts will tell you, the need for help is high right now. At the Bakersfield City School District, schools aren’t just looking for substitutes, but for all sorts of full-time and part-time positions.

“We definitely, we need people," said Erin Johnston with BCSD human resources

BCSD is actively and eagerly seeking people looking for employment. The district has a variety of positions open from bus drivers, to cafeteria workers, activity leaders, clerks, and custodians.

Many positions available have some flexibility with hours and entry-level skill requirements, while other positions like substitutes and bus drivers will require additional credentialing or certification.

“Take example, for our bus drivers obviously they have training requirements, and also requirements with the highway patrol. But we do have like the cafeteria, playground activity leaders, after-school programs, and event nutritionist assistants where you’re looking at a high school diploma requirement,” Johnston said.

Johnston said they are facing the same staffing shortages that schools across the nation are seeing. But as the largest elementary school district in the state — with 44 schools across the county — the district is feeling the strain on the system.

“We’re in a unique position that we’ve never, I mean I’ve been doing this a long time and we just don’t have the people," she said. "It’s really odd because we’re so huge and we normally don’t have that much trouble finding folks, we all seem to be scrambling for people and it’s an odd position to be in.”

Johnston said in the past, BCSD has seen success with job fairs and teacher expos and they hope this latest career showcase will bring out candidates looking to work hard and support the educational endeavors of the district.

The event is running on Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon and applicants will be able to interview directly with principals and administrators. For a link to register, visit their website here.

BCSD said they are also raising their rate of pay for substitutes to $215 a day, plus an additional $500 bonus for every 30 days of work.

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