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How to dress and prepare for a virtual interview: tips from a local style expert and author

Posted at 5:29 AM, Jan 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-11 08:29:14-05

Staying at home may tempt us to stay in our house slippers, especially if an interviewee can only see you from the waist up, when said interview is over a video chat. Style expert and author, Laurie Brucker said that if you want to put your best foot forward, wear a head-to-toe look you can conquer your job interview with.

“A total look matters, because ultimately you want to stand up and say: 'I look good today. I am worthy and I deserve this job,'” Brucker said. “That kind of energy will change everything.”

Brucker recommended adding structure to your interview outfit. She said it looks sharp and makes you sit up straighter.

“A structured blazer is one of the easiest things to incorporate on top of anything in your closet. It adds sharp shoulders [and] sharp angles. It creates authority and professionality instantaneously. You can structure over any blouse, add an accessory, and it’s an easy outfit look,” Brucker said. “For men, same thing. I know Kern County is a little bit more on the casual side, so if you have a denim button down, or even a chambray button down, a blazer over that is an instant upgrade to professional meets casual comfortability."

Another style tip from Brucker: add color or a fun pattern through a focal piece. She explained that either can grab an employer’s attention and create a conversation. Ultimately, bring yourself into the interview through what you wear.

“Accessories are a fantastic way to do that. Statement necklaces can really help, whether it’s in a fun yellow, or something with a little bit of crystal,” Brucker said. “You can easily add that into your look and it adds in your personality, whatever you choose.”

A sharp look and confident energy may get lost in translation if the interviewee cannot see you properly. Brucker said that lighting is key, whether standing parallel to a window or employing a ring light.
Your backdrop and framing, she added are gamechangers.

Keeping what’s behind you clean while adding some pleasant fixtures like a plant will keep your potential employer from being distracted. Brucker added: Ensure that your computer is at eye level and that your torso and head are in the center of the frame.

“I mean we’re all trying to be creative at home, so if you have to stack a stool and a couple shoe boxes to get your computer on top, and sit in front of your window, you make it work!”

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