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Kern Back In Business: Murray Family Farms needs 60 new employees for October Fun Fest

Murray Family Farms
Posted at 6:31 AM, Sep 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-16 09:31:39-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Fall is right around the corner. And that means it’s almost time for October Fun Fest at Murray Family Farms.
To prepare for one of their biggest events of the year, Murray Family Farms needs 60 new seasonal, part-time and potentially full-time employees.

“All through the month of October," said Murray Family Farms stor manager Ryan Ramirez, "we have our October Fun Fest, where families come out to pick pumpkins and enjoy the farm.”

Ramirez said October Fun Fest make October their busiest month of the year; from their new zombie corn maze to tractor rides. So busy the need 60 new employees to help their guest enjoy their day on the farm.

“Fill all positions, everything from cashiers to tractor drivers, cooks, tour guides,” said Ramirez.

One of their newer tour guides is Mariah Raygoza.

When she starts her tours she greets her guests saying, “Hello everybody. How are you guys today? My name is Mariah, I’m going to be your tour guide. We have Cody who will be driving our tractor today. Can we all say ‘Hi Cody’?”

Raygoza said her favorite part of her job is interacting with her guest. “Seeing people’s reactions when they learn something new about the fruit that they didn’t know. Or kids when they’re jumping out on the bounce pillow and they’re like having the best time of their life. It makes the job just ten times better.”

Last year Raygoza started as a cashier and recently transitioned into being a tour guide. She said each positions allows her to interact with the guests differently.

“Last October was my first October Fest here. And although it can be pretty crazy, like you kind of like are running around and you’re excited about things and really busy.”

Whether it’s in the field or behind the cash register, Raygoza said you can see a wide range of jobs one employee could during while working at Murray Family Farms.

“In general we’re looking for friendly outgoing people that are not afraid to engage and have a good time with the customers.”

To help with the increased business Ramirez said they’re interviewing and hiring now on their farm. You can either apply in person at their farm or online at But the application window is closing so they can be ready for the Fun Fest season.

“We’re accepting applications now to start the hiring process in the next few weeks and start bringing people in for training probably mid September,” said Ramirez