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Kern Back in Business: Oil field jobs available

Kern Back in Business: Oil field jobs
Posted at 5:05 AM, Feb 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-04 08:05:40-05

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Three years of stable work in our oil fields. That's what Mid Cal Labor Solutions is hearing from our local oil companies. Two of the main jobs listed in need are welders/welder helpers and commercial truck drivers. And their hiring staff said if you have the right work ethic and background he can get you hired quickly.

"We're going to have a great 2019." That's what P.K. Zander expects work wise for the rest of the years. He's Mid Cal Labor Solutions business development director. He said there are a variety of openings in oil field jobs ranging from entry level roustabouts or general laborers and welder helpers to more experienced positions like truck drivers and welders.

"If things stay exactly where they are right now we see about three years worth of work," said Zander. "That's just the work that's out there that's been approved that's on the leases that we're working on right now."

Since there's such a need for more workers in the oil fields, Zander said they're looking for future employees to apply to jobs immediately. And if they're not sure how to apply Mid Cal Labor's website will help you.

"Attach a resume. A resume is a must. I get it some guys don't have a resume, we have a resume builder on our website as you can use as well," said Zander.

After you apply Zander said you need pass a DMV driver's record check, where you can't have more than two points or a DUI on your record, and pass a drug test.

Zander said, "Assume all of that goes smoothly, and you're DMV printout comes back checked out okay, I can put you to work on Monday morning."

Out in the oil fields, Zander said one of the two types of jobs needed immediately are welders.

"We're looking for welder's helpers and rig welders, they're sort of building the infrastructure out on the oil leases, pipelines and putting all of that together," said Zander.

If you have limited experience being a welder and are looking to receive on the job training to become a welder, Zander suggests applying to be a welder's helper.

Zander said, "Well you can apply to be a welder's helper, here at Mid Cal Labor. And if becoming a welder is something that you desire, certainly you'll be getting some hands on experience as a welder's helper. But if not and you want to become a certified welder I encourage you to go out to the associated builders and contractors and get involved in their welding program. And it takes about a year to complete and you'll be an actual certified welder at that time."

The other job in need in the oil fields is experienced truck drivers. And like welders, Zander said the truck drivers are needed to help with the infrastructure.

"Truck drivers or Class A drivers," said Zander. "Most of them are driving vacuum trucks and guzzlers. They're hauling hazardous waste from one place to a dump site."

Mid cal has truck driver positions paying between $18 to $22 dollars an hour while welder position pay between $17 to $31 dollars and hour. And since the work can be dangerous, Zander said Mid Cal Labors will help you with safety equipment.

P.K. Zander - Mid Cal Labor Solutions Business Development Director:
"All of our employees, we send them out the door with a hardhat, safety glasses and leather gloves. Some of our clients require FRCs, flame retardant clothing. And those clients that require that we send those employees out the door with that as well."

Zander said with all the job opportunities available, if you have the right work ethics you could find yourself learning more skills and moving up the oil industry during these next three years.

For more information about how to apply for these oil jobs with Mid Cal Labor visit their website,