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St. George Bakersfield Greek Food Festival is back in person

Posted at 12:25 AM, Oct 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-03 03:25:55-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — The St. George Bakersfield Greek Food Festival looks different than last years drive through festival, it's back in open air and organizers say they have measures in place to keep people safe.

"We are so happy to be back, almost normal," Hackleman said.

Food, dancing, and live music are many of the activities visitors can enjoy at this year's festival.

“We have a few new desserts and delicious pastries, many wonderful tasty items to eat, we have food to please every pallet," Hackleman said.

Active festival member Olympia Hackleman says because of the pandemic, last years event was held as a drive through, but this year is different.

“This year is even better because the band is playing live and we’re here with everyone in fellowship," Hackleman said.

Some safety measures are in place.

“We’re all outside, we’re not indoors but everyone is welcome to wear a mask if they are feeling comfortable to do so. We have sanitizing stations and if they go in our indoor areas, they can wear their masks, we have gloves available," Hackleman said.

Tom Dorlis has been taking part in the festival for more than 20 years and says he is happy to be back.

‘We’re following COVID guidelines we’re open air here which makes it a lot easier on that so on our own grounds, so we feel good about what we’re doing," Dorlis said.

He even serves a popular food choice, feta fries.

“These are shoe string french fries we also covered them with feta cheese on there with a lot of olive oil and then the greek spice which is oregano which we also sprinkle on top,” Dorlis said.

Hackleman says visitors are having a good time.

“They do say thank you very much for being open, yes we’re happy to be here and we’re happy that they are here. It's a multicultural, we have cultures from every part of the world joining us here at our church at St. George's so it is very important it's a place where they can all come together and share in our food, our dancing, and just Greek hospitality," Hackleman said.

The festival runs until 4pm Sunday. The festival is located at 401 Truxtun Avenue. Admission is $5 but children under 12 are free.

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