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Bringing together different cultures and beliefs

"No colors, no boundaries. That’s what this choir represents."
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Posted at 6:55 AM, Apr 11, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-11 09:55:49-04

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Charlin Neal wrote her ten-minute gospel song, "The Crucifixion," in 2008 but it’s now out on streaming platforms thanks to the help of twelve local churches from various denominations

“I reached out to as many people as I could in Bakersfield," said Charlin.

Including her longtime friend Jason McGee.

“It was an honor to be a part of this project. It was an honor to be asked," said Jason.

Jason is the choir director of Maverick City Music.

“They are cross cultural. They are bridge builders. They sing to the nations. No colors, no boundaries," said Charlin. "That’s what this choir represents."

Jason directed people from all the different churches in creating this music project.

Linda Factory with People’s Missionary Baptist Church said it was inspiring to see so many community members work together.

"I tell you, you meet so many different people from different backgrounds and cultures," she said.

Andrew Irvin with First United Methodist participated as well.

"When she asked us to do it, we just said, 'Yes, absolutely.' Then we started listening to the music and wondered if it was a little beyond us, but it was a fantastic experience to see it all come together," said Andrew.

Kevin Brisco II with the First Presbyterian Church is relatively new to Bakersfield. He said this project made a big difference in his adjustment.

"The perspective of crossing boundaries and racial lines and also denominational lines was something that I was looking for in coming to Bakersfield, and meeting Charlin and being asked to participate was confirmation of that," said Kevin.

And Jason had this message for Charlin during our interview.

"The reason we show up for you is you’ve always shown up for us. It's very much a give and a take. I can speak from experience, you've always been there when I needed you. It’s an honor to be able to show up for you in this way," he said.

Charlin is now working with her brother on a potential Christmas special this year, which she already knows the community will help make possible.

"It’s very humbling and I'm very grateful that I'm able to connect with so many people and [know] that they always have my back,” she said.

If you’d like to listen to all the new songs, search for Charlin Neal on your music streaming app.