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Bringing together mothers in Ridgecrest

“We all have something of value to add."
Bringing mothers together in Ridgecrest
Posted at 5:03 AM, Jan 17, 2023

RIDGECREST, Calif. — MAEVE stands for Motherhood, Alliance, Equity, Village, Empowerment.

It’s a nonprofit with chapters across the country, including in Ridgecrest.

“We are in such an isolated place so far from a lot of the big cities," said MAEVE Ridgecrest president Dulce Romero-Urbina. "We have families coming in, coming out. They don’t know who to connect with. They don’t have family and friends.”

That’s how Dulce felt when she first moved to Ridgecrest but MAEVE introduced her to the women she now calls friends.

The nonprofit hosts monthly events like walks in the park, book clubs, crafts for kids, and mom’s night out.

“All moms need [a] break. [It's] such a wonderful group because we can come together," said Dulce.

They also do community service projects and fundraisers.

“So things we do for the community to connect and stay kind of grounded and really get to know each other," said Dulce.

Jessica David is the group’s Maternal Wellness Chair. She said MAEVE helps mothers across Ridgecrest feel like they have people who understand what they’re going through.

“We all have something of value to add and so it feels good to be able to have questions and have conversations," said Jessica. "Very supportive. Everybody is receptive and just warm and just open to the idea of let’s just chat and figure things out together.”

They also connect mothers with any resources they might need, building meaningful relationships in all parts of Kern.

“Because Ridgecrest is such an isolated city in Kern County, we're in the northeast corner, we really want to make sure there [are] opportunities here and there are options to make friendships," said Jessica.

If you’re interested in joining or supporting MAEVE, click here.