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Chance testified that she did not kill her husband

Posted at 7:09 PM, Jan 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-21 02:04:20-05

BAKERSFIED, Calif.  — Leslie Chance took the stand for the first time on Tuesday. Leslie spent most of the day on the witness stand, sharing her side of the story.

One of the biggest focuses for the prosecution were the Chance’s finances. Leslie testified her and Todd didn't have any financial issues. Prosecutor Andrea Kohler stating that if Leslie divorced Todd she would end up paying him a large amount of her retirement. Also, noting that if Todd were to die then she would have received multiple payments from life insurance polices.

Leslie also got emotional when the prosecution showed her the gun that killed Todd.

The defense showed Leslie a series of surveillance videos, which the prosecution argued show Leslie trying to make her way back home the morning of Todd's death. Leslie repeatedly testified that she was not the person in the surveillance videos.

Another key point from her testimony included her knowledge of Carrie Williams, Todd's ex-fiance. Earlier in the trial prosecutors tried to suggest that Todd and Carrie's alleged affair was a motive for his murder. Leslie said she didn’t know about the text messages between her husband and Williams.

The judge said today he believes evidence should end by this Thursday. He is expecting closing argument to begin next week.