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Samantha Chance called by defense to testify

Posted at 5:50 PM, Jan 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-07 20:52:29-05

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Samantha Chance was called by the defense to testify Tuesday. Samantha was 13 years-old at the time of her father’s death.

The last time she saw her father was the night before he died on August 24, 2013. According to her there were no arguments between her parents that day. However, in a 2013 interview with a detective Samantha stated her parents were arguing the night before Todd's death. Six years ago she told detectives they argued because her dad planned on going out that evening, and wanted to wear certain clothes but couldn't because her mother was washing them. Samantha said in that 2013 interview her parents argued about money and clothes.

Prosecutor Andrea Kholer asked Samantha, if she remembered telling officials in 2013 that her father was only out for about an hour and then returned home the night before his death. Samantha said she didn’t remember saying that, and testified today that she never remembers him coming home that night. However, she also testified that she would have no reason to lie to officers back in 2013.

On the day of her father's death, Samantha says she woke up around 11am, went downstairs and saw her mother and sister Sarah sitting on the couch watching TV. Samantha said she joined them and her mother's demeanor was not unusual.

Defense attorney Tony Lidgett showed Samantha a series of surveillance videos. Which prosecutors argue show Leslie Chance trying to make her way back home the morning of Todd’s death. Samantha repeatedly said she did not recognize anyone in the surveillance videos as her mother.

Samantha previously told officials her mother never went to visit Todd's grave site. Today she testified that she has. Prosecutor Andrea Kholer asked Samantha how she knew her mother went, she said her sister Sarah told her.

Lidgett also asked Samantha about their family trip to Las Vegas in 2013, when the family attended a CSI experience. Samantha testified it was her mom's idea to go.