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Southern California family looks to visit every In-N-Out Burger in a year, stops in Bakersfield

A California family travels to every In-N-Out in the US in one year
Posted at 11:58 PM, Jan 27, 2021

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — One Southern California family has set out to visit every single In-N-Out Burger in the United States in just one year, and Wednesday night they were camping out in Bakersfield waiting for the new location off Rosedale to open.

After COVID canceled their summer plans, visiting In-N-Out's has been the goal of this journey, which they say has been worth it.

“He's already the best dad but he just got better.”

Berkley Vonderheide said this because his dad followed through with a spontaneous adventure.

"I said what are we going to do this summer," Sam Vonderheide, Berkley's dad asked.

"...and I said In-N-Out road trip. Go to all the In-N-Out's. I wasn't being serious but I should've known my dad better,” said Berkley.

Berkeley's father Sam is a teacher and always comes up with fun summer plans for his family. But this year due to the pandemic those plans were canceled.

“There's a lot of hard things going on in the world and I don't want to say those things aren't important, they are, but I think we have to find things to be happy about at the same time. Whatever that is. And this has been that for us,” said Vonderheide.

So last July the Vonderheide family set out on a trek across the country, so far hitting up 312 locations of their favorite restaurant, In-N-Out, from Houston to Utah and everywhere in between.

“We actually did 185 in 15 days. That first 15 days we drove over 7,000 miles. I would say we're probably over 10,000 miles at this point," said Vonderheide.

"I haven't gotten sick of it yet,” added Berkley.

On Thursday they’re aiming to be the first customers at the grand opening of the In-N-Out on Rosedale, and on their 113th stop, this Templeton family said this visit has an extra special meaning behind it.

“Shoutout to Bakersfield, this is where I met my wife. I lived here for a couple of years and that's why we have these two beautiful kids,” said Vonderheide.

And while there are countless perks that this journey brings, the trip has also had its downfalls but despite all the ups and downs, it has been a trip well worth it.

Vonderheide says that they have another 49 to go to by this July, in order to meet their goal, their next few stops will likely be in Portland. To find them on Instagram: innoutroadtrip