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A date has been set for the Governor Newsom Recall Election

Posted at 12:39 AM, Jul 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-02 03:39:12-04

According to a leader of the Recall Gavin 2020 effort, 2.1 million people have signed this petition to get it on the ballot and that has now become a reality.

“So, Gavin Newsom wants to rush the recall election, bring it on! By changing the rules again, bring it on! The people of California are ready for a new Governor,” Mike Netter, Co-Proponent of, “The People’s Drive to Recall Gavin Newsom” said.

Netter celebrated Thursday night, because not only is the election officially certified it’s set to take place on September 14th.

The Chair of the Kern County Democratic Party, Christian Romo said this recall will cost the state millions of taxpayers dollars, and it comes at a time when an election is already scheduled for June 2022.

“That money could be going to homelessness. It could be going to rental assistance after the pandemic. It could be going to food banks, to fixing our roads, [or] to fixing our water infrastructure,” Romo said. “That $200 million could be going to a lot of other different areas, to things we really need and not a recall election in September.”

Netter also said that $215 million for a state that just passed a $267 billion budget is “not even a drop in the bucket.” He said keeping Newsom in office is more costly.

“The $215 million is across the entire state,” Netter said. “It won’t fix a single set of roads, it won’t solve homelessness, but I’ll tell you what: If we can recover the EDD fraud, or any portion of the $11 billion by getting a governor and an attorney general that cared about fraud in this state, we’d more than recover that $215 million.”

Also on Newsom’s recall-related agenda: suing the Secretary of State Shirley Weber to get his party affiliation listed on the recall ballot.

“Gavin Newsom is suing his own state,” Netter said. “How insecure, how surreal is it, that a governor, a sitting governor of a state, thinks that so many people voting for him don't know what party he belongs to?”

Party affiliation listed or not, Romo thinks Newsom will do well in the upcoming election.

“Governor Newsom is a household name at this point. It’s a Democratic state and will be for a long time, so of course, the Democratic candidate will come out on top. Again, that’s why it’s irresponsible to have this election when the polls show that a majority of the people support the governor.”

Netter said the recall effort’s next step is to encourage and get as many people to vote in this special election as possible. They have 20,000 volunteers right now to make people aware of this election