ABC debuts new comedy, 'Uncle Buck'

Mike Epps stars in modern day remake
Posted at 10:14 AM, Jun 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-19 13:15:13-04

ABC premiered its newest comedy this week.

The newest TV series, titled 'Uncle Buck,' is a modern version of the original 1989 film, which starred the iconic, John Candy.

 "Candy's character is so familiar to myself and so many other men that i know because he was such a fun-loving, irresponsible guy," said comedian, Mike Epps.

 Epps said the TV series is a "homecoming," for fans of the original and was thrilled to bring his own flair to the show.

"I'm pretty sure when they cast me, they knew who they were casting," said Epps. 

 The largely African-American cast may raise some eyebrows, but Epps said given the chance, he's confident the show will be embraced by all. 

 "This television series is a homecoming for those who were fans of that show. So I'm pretty sure it's going to be criticized in that way, but once they watch it, and fall in love with characters, I'm pretty sure that whole stigma will go away," Epps added.

You can catch 'Uncle Buck,' on 23ABC Tuesday night at 9 this summer.