Adam's Adventures: Natural Hot Springs in the Kern Canyon

Posted at 10:04 AM, Aug 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-27 13:04:11-04

If your traveling along HWY 178, don't drive to fast, or you may miss Kern Canyon Road that will take you to somewhere spectacular that only a few people know about. 23ABC's Adam Bowles shows us this beautiful phenomenon.


There is a trail called Remington trail you'll find right off Kern Canyon Road. You go across the street and park in the dirt and start walking down.  Once you get closer to the bottom, you'll start to hear water. Once you get to the river, you will see a beautiful sight called Remington Hot Springs!


These are natural hot springs with the heat coming from the earth. Each tub is a different temperature with the top tub at 104°. These natural spas are attracting new comers from all over!  


"It is so relaxing," Javier says. "I am new to Kern County and my daughter showed me this spot. Now I come very often to relax and chill here."


It is said that miners in the 1930's built these tubs for taking warm baths after a long day at work.  The water has sulfur and natural mineral water inside which is the most powerful healing water you'll find.  The water is said to cure skin allergies and even aches and pains.


Volunteers in the Kern River Valley came and cleaned and scrubbed the tubs regularly back in the 90's and have been cleaned ever since.


Remington isn't the only place with natural hot springs.  Just down the road from that is Miracle Hot Springs.


The trail is a little bit rockier but even shorter then the Remington trail.  


With a gorgeous sight of the Kern River right next to you.  This is a great place to just sit, relax and have all the stress of the world melted away with the natural warm bubbling mineral water.