Adam's Adventures: Natural Kern River Water Slides

Posted at 1:00 PM, Sep 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-10 16:00:31-04

Did you know there are natural water slides in the Sequoias about 2 hours from Bakersfield? It's also free! 23ABC's Adam Bowles takes us on an adventure to find and enjoy them.

Going into the Sequoia National Forest, about 2 hours from Bakersfield, you will discover a play ground created by nature that you may not know about. But before you ger there your going to have to pass hwy 178 and hwy 155 before it turns into mountain Hwy 99. Your probably going to have to entertain yourself for a little bit.  

Just a little bit. Because there is plenty of sights to see on the road  like south creek falls, and even a great place to grab lunch like McNallys which has 40oz porterhouse steaks and juicy steak burgers.

You may lose service going up in the Sequoias but your going to stay on Mountain Hwy 99 until you see the trees. Then its only about 6 miles and then you can park.

You will see a parking area with a bunch of cars on a dirt patch. Across the street there is a trail that will take you where you want to go.

The trail isn't that long. It's not that steep. When its hot you may have to shoo a few flies away, but your going to love the sights and the fresh air of the forest.

Soon, you may start hearing people playing below you. That will be a sign you know you found it.

Welcome to the Natural Kern River Water Slides in the Sequoia National Forest that doesn't’t cost a cent. This is a fun and safe way you can enjoy the river. These are made straight from nature with the water coming down from the mountains and the snow pack.  Over time the water created a smooth slippery slab of granite with moss on top. This created perfect natural water slides for a hot day.

"It is so smooth and fast. You kind of fly on the way down and the water is super cool. It's really hot and the water is refreshing on the way down so I really enjoyed it," Katrina says from Orange County.

You can even catch air at the bottom of the slide and do a neat trick before you land in a nice pool of refreshing mountain water.,

Some people have even taken inner tubes on the slides to have a little bit more of a thrill going down into the pool of water.

Next to the slides there is an area where you can chill out and have a picnic while your friends and family enjoy the water slides.

Our forests provide some exciting fun things you can do with your family and friends. All you have to do is get out there.