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Adam's Adventures: The Seven Tea Cups

Posted at 11:48 AM, Nov 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-05 14:48:28-05

Did you know there is California's biggest natural wonder hidden in the Sequoia National Forest and its only 2 hours from Bakersfield? These are called the Seven Tea Cups. They are 7 gigantic natural pools of water all connected to each other that people all around the world comes to see. 23ABC's Adam Bowles went on an adventure to find and enjoy them.

We can't say rare enough.  Hidden in the Sequoia National Forest less than 2 hours from Bakersfield, there is an incredible natural phenomenon that’s right in our backyard that people travel all over the world coming to central California to see!

"I came all the way from Czech Republic to see these. It is so awesome. You must come out," Peter says.

You may want to bring something to get wet in as well.  

To get to this awesome place your first going to have to travel down HWY 178 then HWY 155 past Lake Isabella, past Kernville,next your going to travel down Sierra way or Mountain HWY 99 until you see more trees and Johnsondale bridge!  

Keep going down mountain HWY 99 for one mile until you see a turnout. You may see some cars parked here already.  

This is the hiking portion so you may want some good hiking boots and some snacks and water to sustain you.  This is also important.  Be sure to stay on the main trail because there are other trails that may throw you off. There are even some pink ribbons to help guide you. The trail has some rough spots…it takes a little less than two hours to hike, but your going to love the beautiful scenery and the fresh air of the forest.

Here is some landmarks to help guide you.  Your going to stay on the main trail past this meadow toward these pine trees and this canyon until you start to hear some water and see this huge granite rock which makes a great lunch break!

Were almost there!  Keep going along the trail walking along the left side of the river. Soon you'll be able to see the natural wonder of California.

Welcome to the seven tea cups. A majestic natural phenomenon hidden in the Sequoia National forest.  These are seven naturally carved pools of water all connected to each other carved from the snow pack heading into the Kern river.  People come from all over the world to see this hidden gem right in our backyard.  Some people who want a thrill bring some ropes and wet suits to cannoneer down the cups climbing down each cup all the way down the river enjoying refreshing pools of water.  

You can even cliff jump into these pools of water if you have the right equipment. But we're is going to cliff jump into the first teacup since its easy to get out of.

"It's amazing! Something I never seen before," Dennis from Russia says.

Located in this beautiful canyon, your definitely gonna need to take pictures of this rare sight and for the thrill seekers, cannoneer down these amazing cups, with just a drive and a hike away, once you make it here, you'll be able to say, "I made it to one of California’s natural wonders."