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Adam's Adventures: Trail of 100 Giants!

Posted: 9:25 AM, Nov 26, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-26 17:25:01Z

Did you know just about 2 hours from Bakersfield, you can visit the Trail of 100 Giants hidden in the Sequoia National Forest? There are about 100 humongous Sequoias and Redwoods along a walking trail that is a rare sight to see. 23ABC's Adam Bowles takes us on an adventure to find and enjoy them.  

You're definitely going to need your camera for this. There is something you probably have never seen before in the Sequoia National Forest about 2 hours from Bakersfield and they are one of the tallest of their kind in the world right in our backyard! Here's a hint for you.

Tree is the key word here.  What you're going to do is travel down HWY 178 then HWY 155 past Lake Isabella and past the beautiful town of Kernville.  

Next your going to go down Sierra HWY or Mountain HWY 99 through the Sequoia National Forest.

Keep going until you hit the trees.  

For about ten miles your going to see beautiful views of the forest, some majestic. You'll reach an intersection that says Western Divide Highway.  

You'll start to see some really big trees on this HWY.  

Soon you'll see some cars parked on the side of the road with gigantic trees all around you and'll see it.  

Welcome to the Trail of 100 Giants! This is a walking trail that will take you around one of the biggest trees in the world located right here in California and in our area. There are 100 giant Sequoias and Redwoods all in this grove with the trees over 220 feet tall and 20 feet wide. This spectacular place is being visited by people from all over.  

"We came from Los Angeles and we are stunned by what we are seeing around us," Sharon says.

Guess what, you can even do what most people have never done before...walk inside of these humongous trees around 1,500 years old with some trees even grown together! 

Next to this walking trail there is a picnic area and a campground open in the Spring, Summer and early Fall.  Some people have even came from other countries to see these rare trees and camp among them.  

"I have never seen anything like this before....Amazing," tourists from Russia say.

You can actually climb and walk on a huge tree that fell along the trail due to saturation which makes a great place to take a picture with the family.

After enjoying the majestic scenery, taking pictures, and taking in the fresh air, you can also visit the gigantic meadow next door. This spot is the perfect place to get your Instagram on.  

Another thing to mention, you may see a closed sign heading to the trail meaning the season for camping is closed but as long as there is no snow or ice, and you don't see a gate blocking the road, you'll be able to get to this amazing trail

The Sequoia National Forest has a lot of fun things for you and your family to enjoy like seeing these rare amazing trees. Adventure is out there all you have to do is get out there.