Best places to take photos in Downtown Bakersfield on your free time

Posted at 4:51 PM, May 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-26 20:04:59-04




So you love taking pictures and you are new to Bakersfield or maybe you’re from here and thought, where are some nice places to take a quick picture?


Well look no further, I took a little walk around Downtown Bakersfield and found some great places.


First is the Fox Theater.




This place is a Bakersfield staple. With historic acts such as B.B King, Ray Charles and Merle Haggard gracing its stage to comedy greats like Bernie Mac, George Lopez and Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias making people’s laughter heard from the streets, this venue is a must if you want to catch a great show.


Here you can take those classic pictures you see in the movie in front of the big sign.

Plus, you can even fill like old Hollywood and take a picture where some of the greats stood!


Next, The Nile.





Though I’ve personally never been, I’ve heard from friends and people around the newsroom that this is a beautiful place where they hold concerts and church.

And much like the Fox Theater, at night the sign lights up and it is BEAUTIFUL.


So don’t be shy, pull out that camera or selfie stick and take a picture that will be full of memories.


Now to the streets where we have a glimpse at one of the many murals around the Downtown area.




When I walked my feet got tired from going mural to mural, there are so many great pieces of art scattered around each block that you would go crazy.


From large patriotic art works scaling the sides of building to small and time altering drawings, the artwork on walls, benches and street corners is as diverse as the people.


Taking a picture here will give you the feel of urban photography. With the angles and artwork behind you, you will feel like a model.


Now to the cute pieces of work scattered across the streets, the small trucks




These little stand alone really bring a smile to any driver, just don’t hit the car in front of you.

Made by the help of community members and artist teaming up, these cars, like the murals, really showcase what Bakersfield is all about. Each piece showing a different side of the community.


If you want to have some fun on the weekend why not come to Downtown and try to find all the trucks! Tweet @23ABC and @JusGilbert !


Now to the park.




Though I’m honestly not a park kind of guy, I can’t deny that a good bench and silence isn’t good for the soul.


Also the parks give you a great place to showcase your photography skills while you battle the light, clouds and environment.


From Hart park to Mill creek park, you are sure to find the scene for your wedding, party or just everyday adventures here. Each park giving its own unique flavor.


Last the famous Padre Hotel.




Words can’t express this places popularity. When I first moved here I was told to visit this place, eat its breakfast and check out its nightlife. And let’s just say I wasn’t let down.


This place is home to many weddings, parties, quinceaneras and more. A quick search on Instagram will surely give you a peak at what the venue, hotel and bar offer.


I would recommend any beginner or professional photographer to have a shoot here. The hotel gives you a mixture of modern an old-fashion architecture that will surely make your selfie stand out.


So there you have it. My short list of great places to take a selfie, photo or drawing.


If you think of know I missed a place, you can find me on YouTube and Twitter : @JusGilbert


Till next time, keep taking photos and living an adventure.