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BPC Fatherhood Program aims to help new dads learn skills for parenting success

The Bakersfield Pregnancy Center's men's ministry offers the Fatherhood Program, where both new fathers and veteran dads can hone their parenting skills.
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Posted at 5:49 PM, Nov 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-17 21:20:53-05

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) — Being a father is not an easy task, and most men are just not sure what to expect when they become a father. That’s why the Bakersfield Pregnancy Center is aiming to help them take that next step with their news Fatherhood Program. From burping to bonding, BPC is as assisting future fathers in Bakersfield.

“You get a ton of helpful information that goes over everything from basic childproofing to the importance of a father in a child’s life, and kind of just Fatherhood 101,” said current BPC Fatherhood Program member Noah Rice.

The Fatherhood Program not only teaches men skills to prepare for becoming a father, but it also helps the family with necessities for the baby at their on-site store.

“My fiancée uses it at least once a week,” said Rice. “She comes home with a haul, and it’s everything from diapers to clothing to bassinets. You name it. It’s been super helpful as far as us gathering items for our son.”

Ernie Gollehon, who coordinates the men’s ministry at BPC, says while the mothers’ needs are being met at the pregnancy center, his focus is on preparing the dads for fatherhood.

“The guy here, he is as important as the gal, and so we teach that guy his importance as a father, and we give him the tools he needs to build his legacy, his family,” said Gollehon.

Gollehon says the program is free to all men regardless of age, and is even open to dads that have gone through the rigors of raising a child in the past.

“This is targeted to any father. If they had one child, two child, three children, four, it doesn’t matter. You can always pick up new skills,” said Gollehon.

Rice, who has recently become a new father, says the program has taught him a lot.

“Everything that we have been taught thus far, I think will be very applicable,” said Rice. “I think I’ve gained some real world practical skills and knowledge that I will utilize in my own parenting.”

The Bakersfield Pregnancy Center Fatherhood Program is available to any men who are interested. For more information about the Fatherhood Program or any of the services and resources the center provides, you can reach out to their Facebook page or visit the BPC website.