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Brayden's family says his new heart "not waking up"

Posted at 1:26 PM, Nov 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 17:13:52-04

Brayden's family says his new heart is "not waking up" and "not recovering."

Brayden Eidenshink is a Bakersfield boy who had been on a heart transplant list for close to four and a half years before receiving a heart transplant

In the latest update, Brayden's mom says that yesterday was the first time doctors tried to ween Brayden off of the ECMO machine, which helps pump his heart.

During the test, Brayden's top chamber of his heart showed "flapping," however there was "no squeeze" in the lower chambers of his heart. Brayden's mom said that the lack of squeeze shows that his heart is "not waking up" and "not recovering."

This morning, Brayden's family was told that his heart contains slight numbers of antibodies which show his body trying to reject the heart. He is still pooping blood. However, his mom says that Brayden's numbers have improved while on dialysis. 

Brayden's family is holding a Fight for Life raffle and fundraiser today, November 3. Houchin Blood Bank is hosting a blood drive next week in honor of Brayden. 

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